Temax Quality Asurance and G.M.P. “Good Manufacturing Practice”

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TEMAX QA Quality Assurance

Krautz-Temax Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures"

Krautz-Temax is working according to their Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures" processes and procedures which are based upon the new ISO-9001:2015 standards "Plan-Do-Check-Act principles". The procedures are implemented in the complete process from first customer contact to manufacturing to warehousing and overall quality control.
A dedicated ISO-9001:2015 certificate was approved for the handling and quality control of thermal packaging systems for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

TEMAX certificate ISO9001 2015 Lloyds

ISO-9001 : 2015 certificate

QMS / Quality Management System
Issue Date: 29th March 2019

Scope of certification
Warehousing and Quality Control of thermal packaging solutions for the transport of time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and healthcare products

Certified by:
LLoyds Register

For more information on our ISO standards and Audits, please contact our head of quality, Mr. L. Claes.
Krautz-Temax aims to be compliant with the following standards.

  • ISO-9001:2015 / Quality Management System
  • OHSAS-18001 / ISO45001 / Health and Safety
  • ISO-14001 / Environment
  • ISO-17025 / Laboratory testing
  • ISO-IEC-27001 / Data protection
  • ISO-22301 / Business continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan

Krautz-Temax aims to offer solutions for customer to their compliance with the following programs:

  • G.D.P. / Good Distribution Practice
  • H.A.C.C.P. / Hazardous Analysis on Critical Control Points

Krautz TEMAX - G.M.P. "Good Manufacturing Practice"
Krautz develops and produces thermal solutions for the transport and distribution of time-temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, chemicals and food products. Krautz-Temax has several production plants and has recently received ISO certificates on quality, production and environmental norms. In our production and development we are driven to offer our customers the highest quality and we try to optimize and improve where we also take the ecological footprint at a high priority.

Krautz Temax weltweit eingetragene Marke

Temax registered Trademark (TM)

Temax is a worldwide registered Trademark (TM) of the company Krautz with headquarters in Belgium-Europe.
Krautz-Temax has several patents on insulation materials and cold chain solutions.

Krautz TEMAX product conformity CE certificate

CE Conformity certified insulation material and products

TEMAX insulation material composition
- Temax-4000 insulation
- Temax-2000 insulation
- Temax-1000 insulation
- Temax-500 insulation
- Remax-1R1