BOX in BAG Flexible insulated outer-insulation for cardboard boxes – fresh and frozen products

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Krautz Temax box in bag thermal Insulated cardboard box insulation

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What is the BOX in BAG insulation for cardboard boxes
The BOX in BAG is a special insulating system for insulating cardboard boxes. Special on the design is that the insulation material, the insulated bag, is placed on the outside of the cardboard box. Mostly the insulation material is placed on the inside of cardboard boxes, yet when there is not any space or room for the insulation material to fit in the box, the BOX in BAG system can offer an ideal alternative. The BOX in BAG insulation system is also very easy to use and is tailor made according to the dimensions of your box. The BOX in BAG system consists out of two mayor products being the flexible insulated bag which is produced to the shape of the cardboard box and a insulated lid, with double sided tape, to close the bag on top.

How-to-use the insulated BOX in BAG insulated box
The by Temax developed insulated BOX in BAG system is a very easy to use packaging system to pack and transport time-temperature sensitive or temperature controlled products such as fresh or frozen food products, chilled or ambient pharmaceuticals or healthcare products etc... The pictures below show how fast the insulated BOX in BAG can be used. Please notice to seal the insulated bag firmly so no air can float in or out of the insulated thermal bag (thermal bridges - cold bridges). Always place gel packs or ice packs on top of the products (cold temperatures sink down) and make sure that the products are pre-packed when placed in the insulated bag. The thermal insulated bag is a secundary packagng system.

Krautz Temax outer insulation insulated cardboard boxes

Krautz Temax aussenisolierung Isolierte Kartons Isolierung aussenseite karton

Krautz Temax isolation exterieur boîte carton caisse

Krautz Temax isolatie buitenzijde doos geïsoleerde doos dozen

Krautz Temax isolierung Karton Temperaturschutz Frische Kühl Tiefkühl Postversand

Krautz Temax geïsoleerde doos dozen thuislevering postverzending

Technical specs Temax insulation
The company Krautz Temax develops and produces the cardboard boxes and the insulation which give the big advantage to produce tailor made according to the requirements of the customer. Below you can find a number of special folding boxes which were developed for the transport and distribution of temperature sensitive food and pharmaceuticals or medicines. If you have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us.

- Tailor made production
- High insulation quality
- Resistant = radiation, convection, conduction
- Flexible foldable = minimal storage required
- Water proof
- No condense on inside our outside
- Recyclable

Insulation qualities

Temax-4000 Temax-2000 Temax-1000 Temax-500 insulation quality