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Below you can find themes and services within the section "Temperature testing". If you have further questions in regards to temperature tests, we will gladly assist you.

Thermal covers
Temperature tests

Temax multiple use thermal cover, mehrweg Isolierhaube thermohaube, herbruikbare thermohoes isolatiehoes

Mobi-Box container
Temperature TEST


Bi-Fold cover
Temperature TEST

Temax bi-fold automated thermal cover supermarket, isolierhaube Supermarkt, thermohoes

Insulated boxes
Temperature TEST

Temax insulated boxes, Isolierte Kartons Isolierbeutel, geïsoleerde dozen, Carton isolante

Cooler bags
Temperature TEST

Temax cooler bags, kuehltaschen, koeltassen, sacs isothermes

CE - General
Temperature TEST

Temax CE conformity temperature test thermal packaging

How to use

Temax protocols how to use instructions thermal blankets covers

S.O.P's Standard
Operation Procedures

Temax SOP's Standard Operation Procedures

and advice

Temax TIPS and advice on thermal blankets and insulated covers

We perform temperature tests - product qualification - customer validation

We often get the question from our customers how long a certain temperature can be preserved or maintained in a certain situation. As we all know, this question is impossible to answer seeing the temperature preservation of passive cooling systems (no cooler engines) is influenced by a lot of subjects. Yet, to offer some kind of reference on the possibilities, we have performed some temperature tests which you can find in the groups below. Do you have specific wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Due to customer NDA agreements we cannot publish all temperature test results.

Test Protocol EN-12546-2 on thermal blankets & covers

All temperature tests with passive cooling systems for airfreight, sea freight and road transport, where pallet loads are used as load carriers, are performed according to the test protocol EN-12546-2 as standard load configuration. Other temperature tests with other load configurations can be applied according to specific customer wishes.

More validations and product qualifications at next update.