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Krautz Temax geïsoleerde kratten met koeling - insulated thermal crates with cooling - Isoliierte Klappbox mit Kühlung - Caise isolée

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Insulated crates with cooling system for individual temperature preservation
Crates or foldable crates are often used to transport food products like chilled food, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits or frozen food. To protect these products against heat temperatures, Krautz has developed a special insulation with integrated bags in the top for ice packs or gel packs to maintain the temperature of the food products. This insulation is tailor made according the existing crates or foldable crates. Also the insulation quality can be produced according the needs or wishes. The big advantage of this cooling system in the insulated bag in the crate is that the products can be individually cooled. Each crate has therefore ist own specific temperature. This als means that a customer can receive multiple crates, each with its specific temperature. This individual temperature preservation offers a big flexibility in the cold chain logistics of smaller volumes as is seen in cold chain logistics of for example home delivery formulas or deliveries to smaller customers as restaurants for example. The insulated crates with cooling system is used for all kind of products such as frozen products, fresh products such as meat, fish, milk products etc.. Yet also warm products can be transported when hot gel packs or phase change elements are added.

Thermal covers with extra cooling. Gel packs - Dry Ice - PCM's (Phase Change Materials)
When insulated thermal covers or other insulated packaging systems are used in foldable folding crates to preserve or protect the temperature of conditioned products (fresh – frozen – ambients) during a certain time, it can happen that the insulation quality of the thermal packaging combined with the available thermal energy of the product is insufficient to maintain the required temperature. In this case extra thermal energy is needed. To provide this extra thermal energy, extra thermal energy generators can be implemented such as gel packs, ice packs, dry ice or PCM’s (Phase Change Materials). The type of thermal energy generator or the required quantity that needs to be added is depending on the specific situation and needs to be thermally engineered.

Krautz Temax geïsoleerde thermische kratten bakken - Caises isolée thermique isotherme

Krautz Temax Isolierte Klappbox Faltbox - Insulated thermal crate box

Thermal covers with cooler shelves against the roof - avoiding direct contact - top freezing
When standard cooler elements such as gel packs or ice packs are used in thermal packaging systems for foldable folding crates, these cooler elements are mostly placed loose in the thermal packaging together with the conditioned products. This set-up can create quality problems. When the cooler elements (gel packs – ice packs) are deep frozen (-18°C) for example and placed with chilled fresh products (+4°C), the temperature of the fresh products can drop to low causing quality problems to the fresh products. To avoid this direct or too close contact between the cooler elements and the conditioned products, the thermal covers for folding crates are equipped with special storage shelves in the lid in which the cooler elements (gel packs – ice packs – dry ice – PCM’s) can be stored. These storage shelves can also be equipped with a certain insulation material to avoid top freezing of the fresh products when a too cold temperature is released from the cooler elements.

High insulation quality for fresh - chilled - frozen products
We offer a tailor made production of the insulated thermal covers for foldable folding crates which also means that we can offer different insulation qualities depending on the type of products such as fresh products, chilled products, frozen products or ambient products. When extra cold or heat temperatures are required, extra thermal energy generators such as gel packs, Dry-Ice or PCM’s (Phase Change Materials) can be added to stabilize the temperature of the conditioned product for a longer time.

Tailor made production according to insulation quality, dimensions, applications, etc...
The insulated thermal covers for foldable folding crates or boxes are produced tailor made according to the crate dimensions, the required insulation quality, requested colors, etc… The closure on the thermal cover can also be tailor made according to the application and the user wishes. All this makes it possible to create the ideal thermal cover for the folding crate according to the specific needs and logistic processes. Do you have certain wishes or demands; do not hesitate to contact us. Our engineering team will gladly assist you in our perfect design.

Insulation qualities

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