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Independent of the Temax product portfolio, the company Krautz Temax also offers a wide range on thermal engineering services. With these services we try to offer customers a helping hand and an added value in their search, implementation and controlling of their ideal temperature controlled logistics and complete cold chain operations. The subjects below will be expanded to more services in very short time. Dedicated specialists in their field of expertise are at your disposal.

Unique - we pre-engineer your possible cold chain temperature risks

We perform temperature forecast engineering C.C.R.M. "Cold Chain Risk Management" of the temperature flow in your cold chain before you actually ship the products. Advantage: pre-transport temperature Risk detection = S.O.P's optimization on H.C.C.P.'s. in the chain

Cold Chain
Risk engineering

Temax CCRM Cold chain risk Management engineering temperature flow forecast

Heat transfer

Temax heat camera transfer engineering

Cold Chain

Temax cold chain automation, barcode RFID automatisatie automatisierung

Building insulation

Temax building insulation engineering

Next to thermal engineering we can also offer you assistance and advice in your internal and external logistics in order to close or optimize your cold chain. Krautz-Temax has a lot of experience in optimizing cold chain logistics in the complex food industry with multiple temperature structures in one plant and has developed a wide range of specific solutions. So, would you like to have an external view on your cold chain logistics, just let us know. We will be happy to provide you with attention points on the H.C.C.P.'s in your cold chain and offer possible solutions.

Krautz TEMAX logistics center Logistikzentrale Distributriecentrum
Top view logistics center with temperature controlled climate chambers

More engineering at next update.