Strip door curtains for door closure of refrigerated trailers during loading unloading

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Usage of strip door curtains on refrigerated trailers and trucks
Strip doors or strip curtains are PVC strips which are placed on the backdoor of a refrigerated trailer to prevent an air-exchange when the back doors of the trailer are open. The strip doors prevent cold or chilled temperatures from floating out of the trailer during the loading or unloading process and prevent warm air floating inside the trailer. The strip doors or strip curtains are available in different models according to the wishes of the customer. The most used strip door is the 2-part model which is produced in two parts in which the left or right part can be moved from left to right so it creates an opening for the driver to unload the goods, yet keep the half of the backdoor of the trailer protected.

Krautz Temax strip door curtains trailer - strokengordijn oplegger vrachtwaqen - Streifenvorhang Auflieger LKW

Krautz Temax streifenvorhang Kühlfahrzeug Kühlauflieger Sattelauflieger

Technical characteristics
- See-through PVC strip doors
- Fitting with special fitting bars
- Easy to fix or remove the PVC strips
- Width of the PVC strips : 25cm