Freight forwarding pharmaceuticals and healthcare products with thermal blankets

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Freight forwarders are companies who organize the transport from A to Z where they do more than just transport the goods. They try to add extra value to their services so the pharmaceutical companies can concentrate their efforts on their main expertise, developing and producing medicines. One of the added values that freight forwarding companies are offering their customers is the temperature preservation of time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals or healthcare products in transport. To do this they even have special departments and cold chain specialists in order to provide their customers the most optimal transport solution. That is where we, as the Temax company, try to assist the freight forwarders by offering them our expertise and thermal knowledge. The Temax insulation material is already successfully in use at mayor freight forwarders as a passive cooling system in which the freight forwarder also offers the service of a packaging company meaning that they pack and wrap the pallet with the insulation material. This of course according to the by Temax specified required insulation configuration.

Obligated cross-dock formula for pharmaceuticals

When time-sensitive pharmaceutical of healthcare products are handled by freight forwarding companies, the problem may appear that pallets which are packed at the pharmaceutical company may not be re-packed at the freight forwarders which means that the forwarder needs to handle the pallet in a cross-dock formula meaning that the pallet has to remain as it is. The question hereby is how the pallet can be insulated (also the bottom) if the healthcare products or pharmaceuticals are time temperature sensitive products such as chilled (+2°C to +8°C) or ambients (+15°C to +25°C) where temperature protection is required to offer the required temperature preservation. In such situation a choice can be made between two different options in which we can provide tailor made solutions.

A. Packing at freight forwarding company with floating pallet

A solution for this situation could be to use an extra floating pallet on which the pallet with temperature sensitive goods is placed. This floating pallet is first insulated with a thermal blanket. As soon as the pallet with pharmaceuticals is placed on the insulated pallet, an insulated cover or thermal wrapping blanket could be used to insulate the pharmaceuticals. This formula is already in use at some freight forwarding companies yet has a disadvantage in regards to the payload relation.

Temax floating pallet pharmaceutiocals - Palette Pharmazeutika - Palattes Pharmaceutique - Pallet farmaceutica healthcare

B. Pre-insulated bottom insulation at the pharma-producer, thermal cover at freight forwarder

Another option could be to start the insulation process at the pharmaceutical company where an insulated blanket is already placed on the pallet when the time-temperature sensitive goods are packed on the pallet. This means that the freight forwarder receives pallets which are already insulated at the bottom. All that the freight forwarder has to do is to insulate the sides and the top of the pallet sealing the sides with the pre-insulated bottom blanket as shown on the drawing.

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