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More and more supermarkets and retailers are offering a home delivery service. Yet the home delivery of frozen and chilled food is not that easy seeing the packaging is not always ideal. Not only does the packaging require a high insulation, also the waste management of the delivered package is important. Therefore Krautz – TEMAX has developed a special insulation material for the home delivery of chilled and frozen food products with a high insulation quality, no condense, flexible foldable material and 100% recyclable. This material can be produced tailor made according to each box size. Several home delivery companies and web shops have successfully tested and implemented this product for several of chilled and frozen food products with amazing results. Another big advantage that was noted by the test at the customer was the flexibility of the Temax insulation material. The Temax material is foldable and flexible which creates a minimal of space in storage at the sender en receiver.

Test results: frozen foods (-18°C) for 48 hours in (+20°C) environment

Below you can find the test results of a test performed by one of the leading companies in Germany specialized in home delivery of frozen food products. For this test the Temax insulation material Temax-2000 with thickness 2cm and Temax-4000 with thickness 3,5cm, were placed in a cardboard box. In the insulation two packs of dry-ice were placed with the frozen goods. To do the test extremely, only a minimal of goods was added. The box was placed in a warm chamber of +20°C. (Please notice that in this test, see graphic below, the air was measured surrounding the goods, not the temperature or core-temperature of the goods)

Test conditions

  • Box dimensions = 40,0cm x 24,5 x H:23.5cm
  • Insulation = Temax-2000 (Thickness 2cm)
  • Goods = Frozen food -18°c
  • Extra thermal energy generators = 2 packages dry ice
  • Surrounding external temperature = +20°C
  • Temperature range sensor = -40°C

Test goals

  • 48 hours temperature result of minimal -18°C
  • No condense in the box (inside or outside)

Krautz Temax temperaturtest Isolierverpackung mit Trockeneis

Graphic Test result

  • Blue line = outer temperature +20°C)
  • Red line = air temperature in the Temax insulated box
  • NOTE: the straight curve of the red line at (-40°C) is due to the maximal range of the datalogger.

The test concluded that although a minimal of goods was added, the temperature stayed well within the required limits. The test also concluded that although dry-ice with extreme temperatures was added, no condense was noticeable on the inside or outside of the box or insulation material.

Krautz Temax BAG in BOX insulated thermal cardboard box inlay

Krautz Temax BAG in BOX geïsoleerde doos dozen inlay inlays

Krautz Temax BAG in BOX carton caisse isolée isotherme