Cold chain with insulated cardboard boxes as last mile distribution

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When a passive cooling technique is used, meaning that an insulation material is used to protect the temperature of the goods against unwanted external temperatures, the choice could be made to insulate the cardboard box individually. This means that an insulation material is placed in the inside of the cardboard box in which the temperature sensitive products as foods, pharmaceuticals, medicines or chemicals are placed. Next the insulation and the box can be closed for shipment. This type of insulating is used when the box is not opened in the cold chain and is send directly from the shipper to the end user of the products. An advantage of this way of transport and packaging is that the cold chain remains closed during the total shipment. Al the actors in the cold chain as resellers, retailers, distribution centers, transport companies etc… are handling the insulated box in a cross-dock formula meaning that they do not open the box. A disadvantage of an individual packed or insulated box is that it creates waste at the receiver, the end user of the product. That is why the ecological footprint of the insulation becomes an important issue.

Krautz Temax Kühlkette Isolierte Kartons

Combined insulating of cardboard boxes in a cold chain

Next to individual insulating of cardboard boxes the choice could be made to insulate a group of boxes which are shipped. This kind of combined insulating is mostly used when for example pallets or roller containers with cardboard boxes are shipped to the same receiver. In this case an insulated cover could be used to protect the temperature of the goods against unwanted external temperatures. A combined insulation of cardboard boxes can also be used at one of the actors in the cold chain as the transport company, a freight forwarder or airline sea freight company to give extra temperature protection during the transport or shipment. In such a case the cardboard box can be insulated individually as a primary protection as the insulation on the pallet is used as a secondary insulation functioning as a thermal blanket. Together they are a combined insulation.

Temax insulation in cardboard boxes

The Temax insulation material is already used in several applications to insulate cardboard boxes for the shipment or transport of temperature sensitive goods as food products or pharmaceuticals. More and more companies are avoiding the known polystyrene boxes due to the big disadvantages and are therefore implementing the Temax insulation as the ideal alternative

Krautz Temax BAG in BOX insulated thermal cardboard box inlay

Krautz TEMAX insulated cardboard box chilled fresh frozen ambient products