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What are protocols

The Temax protocols are PDF booklets which show how the pallet or other load carrier needs to be insulated / wrapped with TEMAX insulation material, according to a certain way of wrapping in order to perform the pre-calculated or tested or validated temperature protection. Each page of the booklet shows the insulation configuration, the insulation quality of that insulation configuration and drawings that show STEP-BY-STEP how the pallet needs to be wrapped. All protocols are designed by Krautz Temax.

Insulation configuration T...-S...-B... (Top, side, bottom)

The required insulation configuration is the insulation quality that is required in order to maintain the temperature according to the pre-engineered test results or temperature tests or validations. When this configuration is not used as described in the protocols, temperature deviations will be noticed. Krautz-Temax can therefore not be held responsible for temperature deviations due to wrapping or insulating mistakes. Please use the protocols and insulation configuration as instructed in the dedicated protocols according the pre-engineered results, test results or validations.

Example Temax protocols

Below a few protocols are shown. The protocols can change due to new developments or adjusted insulating or wrapping techniques. Due to the many products and solutions, we cannot show all the available protocols. All protocols are available in PDF format. Please send us an email to receive the protocols.

Krautz Temax worksheet thermal blankets

Krautz Temax worksheet thermal covers pallets

Protocol movies on this website

Krautz-Temax also provides protocol movies which can be found on this website. These movies improve the understanding of the step-by-step manual and the how to use instructions.

Ergonomics in the protocol design

Krautz-Temax develops the protocols according to the required insulation techniques to maintain the required temperature preservation in which special wrapping and insulating techniques are noticable. In the development of the protocol Krautz-Temax also considers the ergonomic issues so the users of the protocol who do the insulating and wrapping are not exposed to injuries. Yet the company Krautz-Temax cannot be held responsible when possible injuries appear due to the wrapping procedure or fault usage of the instructions.