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What are S.O.P's "Standard Operation Procedures"

Standard Operation Procedures or S.O.P's in short, are procedures that are especially developed tho ensure a certain uniformity in performance. It are procedures which are written down and offer instructions that need to be followed in order to create a quality assurance. If the procedures are not followed, a quality deviation can appear.

Temax S.O.P's "Standard Operation Procedures" directives

The Krautz-Temax S.O.P's "Standard Operation Procedures" are a direct follow-up of the protocols. The protocols contain the how-to-use instructions where the S.O.P's contain the basic procedures which need to be followed. Both combined lead to a certain result in temperature preservation. To multiply or copy the same result, the specific protocols and S.O.P's need to followed accordingly. Any changes in the protocol or the S.O.P's will lead to changes in the results.

The Krautz-Temax S.O.P's are written down in a special S.O.P booklet which is available in PDF format and contain all important procedures that need to be followed to ensure a uniformity in performance. The protocols and S.O.P's can also be unique designed for dedicated usage for certain temperature results or customers

Validations & S.O.P's for Quality Assurance

The Krautz-Temax protocols and S.O.P's are also often integrated in the validation procedures of the customer such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, food manufacturers and retailers, chemical manufacturers, etc.. This therefore means that the Temax S.O.P's and protocols become dedicated and a significant part of the complete validation process. This complete validation will determine the quality assurance of the time-temperature sensitive product and the compliance in case of international usage implementation.

Ask for the dedicated protocols and S.O.P designs

Do you need to insulate or pack time-temperature sensitive products and you do not know which insulation configuration you should use or do you not have the dedicated protocols and S.O.P's for your products or customer, please contact your supervisor or contact our thermal engineers. Do not just insulate. If you insulate wrongly, you will effect the quality of the products.



T.R.M.-plan "Temperature Risk Management"

The Temax T.R.M.-plan contains the written instructions and guidelines on handling Temax thermal blankets and functions as documentation to the G.D.P. "Good Distribution Practice" guidelines according (WHO and EU). S.O.P's + protocols + T.R.P.'s + T.M.P.L's, T.M.P's + QA + validation + Supply chain + recycling, etc.

PUBLISHED in book : ISBN 9789048439560
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