TEMAX manufacturing and recycling plant II – Bosnia – Europe

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Temax Krautz manufacturing Bosnia Production

Krautz Temax Manufacturing
Zona Poduzetnistva Dusine
76270 Orasje / Bosnia / Europe
Email: info@krautz.org
website: www.krautz.org

- Manufacturing + Recycling + QA/QC
- Laboratory & Engineering

The company Krautz-Temax has invested in new manufacturing facilities in Bosnia. The Bosnian manufacturing plant is operating according to the Temax-Belgium manufacturing-guidelines and SOP’s “Standard Operation Procedures”. All manufactured products are subject to the Temax quality management system and are re-tested on quality assurance at arrival in the Belgian manufacturing and warehousing facilities. These quality performance tests will be performed according to the CE-label conformity test profiles.

Temax insulation manufacturing
The Bosnian manufacturing facility is equipped with special developed machinery to manufacture and process the unique Temax insulation material from basic components to finished product.
Manufacturing TR

Test laboratories
The Bosnian manufacturing facility is also equipped with unique testing laboratories in order to perform product performance tests. The plant has multiple climate chambers for Euro-Block pallet load, PMC-ULD airplane pallet loads and full-truck temperature testing. This last makes it possible to simulate winter and summer conditions for trailer mapping and ATP-testing services for temperature controlled trailers.