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Nitatrans transport pharmaceuticals packaging

About TEMAX transport - NitaTrans

The company Krautz Temax has started a new company called NitaTrans. This company will be dedicated to the transport of thermal packaging systems which are manufactured by the Krautz-Temax group. Nitatrans or Temax trans has invested in a new fleet of truck-hanger combinations which will be operating between the different European Temax facilities.

TEMAX trekker aanhanger

Truck + Trailer combination
Volume 120m³
Amount = 8 trucks

TEMAX mega trailer

Super MEGA trailers
Volume 100m³
Amount = 2 trailers

TEMAX koeloplegger

Refrigerated trailer
Chilled + Frozen + heated
Amount = 1 trailer

High transport standards / Temax-Pharma+

The Truck-hanger combinations will also be used to transport finished products to customers. This means that special care is considered in deliveries to our pharmaceutical customers in which vehicles and truck-drivers need to be compliant. The new company Nitatrans will be coordinated by the Krautz-Temax management team and will be operating according to the ISO and Temax-Pharma+ standards as published in the Temax Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures".

NitaTrans TEMAX trucks Transport farmaceutica medicijnen medicamenten

Nitatrans TEMAX trucks


120m³ volume = 20% reduction on CO2 production

In the development of the new truck-hanger transport system, the company Krautz-Temax choose to invest in higher volume transport systems in order to decrease the CO2 production per transport. The new truck-hanger transport system offers a transport volume of 120m³ in comparison with ca 85m³ on standard trailers. This means that each five transports, one transport is eliminated saving 20% on standard CO2 production and road traffic.

MAN - Euro-6 diesel engine + optimal diesel usage

In the investment of the trucks, Krautz-Temax choose for the newest MAN trucks with EURO-6 diesel engine combined with unique systems to optimize diesel usage. The MAN trucks are also equipped with the latest technology on driver safety and other road-user safety techniques with automatic emergency breaking systems, blind-spot camera systems, etc... making the trucks to the best and safest performing vehicles in their kind.


Nitatrans TEMAX trucks Transport Pharmazeutika

NitaTrans TEMAX trucks Transport Pharmaceuticals healthcare Life science

Walk-trough loading-unloading system

The truck and hanger combination are especially developed with a walk-through system. This system makes it possible to load and unload the truck and the hanger while connected to each other. This means that the hanger does not need to be disconnected and replaced in order to load or unload the truck. This creates big savings in the procedures.


Nitatrans TEMAX trucks Transport produits pharmaceutique Medicaments

NitaTrans TEMAX trucks Transport Healthcare Life science


NitaSped customs service

The company Krautz-Temax also started a new company called NitaSped which handles customs services to the import and export of Temax thermal packaging systems. At the moment NitaSped is operational in the Bosnian manufacturing plant and handles all customs services to the European Union.

Nitatrans Temax truck walkFull walk-through loading system Truck + Hanger

Nitatrans TEMAX truckSpecial low-axles truck for max load
Special Euro-6 engine