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Temax Krautz Manufacturing Turkey Production

Krautz Temax Manufacturing
Koca Sinan Merkez Mah.
Malazgirt Cad.
Cihan Sok No. 10
Bahcelievler / Istanbul / Turkey


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Tel: (BE) +

The company Krautz-Temax has invested in manufacturing facilities in Turkey. The Turkish manufacturing plant is operating according to the Temax-Belgium manufacturing-guidelines and SOP’s “Standard Operation Procedures”. All manufactured products are subject to the Temax quality management system and are re-tested on quality assurance at arrival in the Belgian manufacturing and warehousing facilities. These quality performance tests will be performed according to the CE-label conformity test profiles.

The Turkish manufacturing plant is specialized in the production of tailor made re-usable products such as re-use thermal covers, bags, cooler bags and more. It is a proven statement that the Turkish production offers the most qualified and specialized team in regards to specialized sewing techniques and specific product required hand-labor within the complete Krautz-Temax group. This is repetitively shown in the specialized products and the satisfaction of the customers.

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