TEMPERATURE TEST thermal insulated cooler bags

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Temperature tests thermal insulated cooler bags

Below you can find an overview of test results which were performed on time-temperature sensitive products or conditioned products which were packed in the TEMAX insulated cooler bags as a passive cooling system. The goal of the temperature test is to determine the time that a certain temperature can be preserved or maintained in a certain environment and condition. All tests are performed in a climate chamber with certified and validated temp tales – data loggers. If you have any questions in regards to these temperature test results, please feel free to contact us.

Temperature measurement
- T.M.P.L.'s = see drawings in tests
- T.M.P.'s = product surface + air surrounding the product

All test results are available in PDF files. Please send us an email.

TEST Medicines (+4°C)
Products + gel packs

Outer (+25°C) for 17 Hrs

Krautz Temax cooler bags medicines - sac isotherme médicines médicaments

TEST fresh products (+3°C)
Water products + gelpacks

Temax-1000 + Bag in Box
Outer (+25°C) for 24 Hrs

Krautz Temax Kühltasche Frischwaren Kühlprodukte

TEST Frozen products (-18°C)
(shopping time test) 

Temax-500 cooler bag
Outer (+25°C) for 5 Hrs

Krautz Temax koeltas vers koel diepvries

More test results at next update.