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Krautz-TEMAX is a global company with locations in Europe and USA which is specialized in the development and manufacturing of cold chain solutions for the transport and distribution of time-temperature sensitive products. We offer temperature protection for Healthcare products and Pharmaceuticals, Perishables and food products, Flowers, Chemicals and more. TEMAX is a worldwide registered Trademark of the Krautz-Temax group.

>> Thermal packaging development
>> Manufacturing
>> Qualification and validation
>> Training and certification
>> Temperature analysis and engineering
>> Cold chain consultancy / project management
>> Temperature mapping
>> Etc...

Krautz-Temax is manufacturer in which the G.M.P. procedures are written in the Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures" according to ISO-9001:2015. All the pharma dedicated products are manufactured according to this Q.A.P. standard.

KRAUTZ-TEMAX headquarters
>> EUROPE = Krautz-Temax - Koolmijnlaan 340 - 3550 Heusden-Zolder - Belgium
>> USA = Temax Americas Ltd - Hanover Park - Illinois

KRAUTZ - TEMAX cold chain solutions for AIR - SEA - ROAD transport

Engineering - Development - Manufacturing - Test laboratories - Mapping - Consultancy - Training - And more ...

Cold Chain solutions for

TEMAX medicijnen transport


airfreight - sea freight - road transport

Cold Chain solutions for

Temax transport voeding fruit groenten

FOOD products

airfreight - sea freight - road transport

Cold Chain solutions for

CHEMICAL products

airfreight - sea freight - road transport

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