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Temax published book "Advanced Temperature trailer mapping"

Temperature mapping protocol for temperature controlled trailers
A unique book written by the Cold Chain specialists at Krautz-Temax and Published in The Netherlands. Do you want to know a thing or two about the practical side on temperature trailer mapping, this book with 284 pages and lots of illustrations should be on your desk. Please notice that this unique book is an actual work book with fill-out forms. This book is not a study book.

Scope Book Temperature Trailer Mapping

Temperature controlled trucks and trailers are used to transport time-temperature sensitive products like food products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other perishables. The goal of the temperature controlled truck or trailer is to preserve or maintain the temperature of the products within certain specified temperature ranges. Temperature excursions or deviations can create possible product quality risks and need to be avoided. When temperature controlled trucks or trailers are used to preserve a certain temperature, the question needs to be asked if the temperature can be maintained during the total transport. Experience has already shown various temperature excursions on product temperatures although the cooler engine was programmed on the correct values. This therefore implicates that the temperature in the trailer has changed somehow. This is the goal of temperature trailer mapping. Temperature trailer mapping is a tool that can be implemented to measure the temperature in multiple locations in the trailer and detect possible locations where the temperature is over its limits. The results of this trailer mapping offer the possibility to optimize the existing S.O.P’s “Standard Operation Procedures” so future temperature excursions and product quality risks can be avoided.

Krautz Temax book Advanced Temperature Trailer Mapping

Krautz Temax Buch Livre Boek Advanced Temperature Trailer Mapping

Published ISBN - 9789048437696
Work book with Fill-out forms - English language - 284 pages
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Illustrated with drawings and load procedures
To make things easier in the usage, this unique work book is illustrated with a lot of drawings to visualize certain testing procedures and systems.

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