EPS Polystyrene insulated thermal pallet shipper with integrated thermal seal – NO RISKS

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Usage of thermal pallet shippers

EPS Polystyrene insulated thermal pallet shippers are used for the temperature protection of time-temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals or food products during transport or storage. The EPS pallet shippers are manufactured out of Polystyrene, called EPS, which is a light weight insulation material. The thermal pallet shippers offer protection against hot or cold temperatures in which the thermal performance is depending on the temperature situations, conditions and thermal energy exchange.

Temax EPS thermal pallet shipper with thermal seal

The company Krautz Temax has invested in special machines to produce EPS Polystyrene pallet shippers. All pallet shippers can be produced tailor made according to the wishes and specifications of the customer. Unique on the Temax thermal pallet shippers is the thermal seal at the closure. This thermal seal comes automatically into action when the shipper plates are pressed to close. The goal or purpose of the thermal seal is to prevent any temperature risks due to a bad closing of the operator which appears in standard shippers. Due to the thermal seal, thermal bridges, where air can float in our out the pallet shipper, are completely avoided.

BIO based EPS Polystyrene

The company Krautz-Temax has the possibility to manufacture BIO based EPS for producing BIO-degradable EPS pallet shippers and boxes.

User instructions - Protocol pictures

The pictures below show how the Temax Pallet shipper is created. The pallet shipper in the pictures is equipped with special spaces for cardboard boxes filled with gel packs or PCM "Phase Change Materials".

Temax EPS thermal insulated Pallet Shipper 001Bottom plate of pallet shipper on pallet

TEMAX EPS Polystyreen geïsoleerde pallet shipper - palletboxPlacing side panel on bottom plate

Temax EPS isolierte Polystyrene Pallet shipper PalletboxTHERMAL SEAL connection side-bottom
No thermal bridge - NO risks

Temax pallet shipper EPSBack panel on bottom and side panel
THERMAL SEAL - side + bottom

Temax EPS Polystyrene Pallet shipper pallet box transportBoxes gelpacks or PMC in side panel

TEMAX gelpacks PCM pallet shipper boxBoxes gelpacks or PMC in back panel

Temax EPS Polystyreen palletbox pallet shipper farmaceutica en voedingBoxes Gelpacks - PCM on bottom panel

TEMAX EPS palettebox Behälter Pharmazeutika Transport TemperaturschutzLoading goods on gelpack boxes

Temax insulated palletbox pallet shipper for pharmaceuticals healthcare productsBoxes gelpacks or PCM on top of products

Temax Palettebox isolierte Behälter Pharmazeutika LuftfrachtPlacing side panel + THERMAL SEAL

Temax pallet shipper box isoler thermiqueBoxes gelpacks or PCM in side panel

Temax pallet shipper pallet box insulated passive cooling airfreightPlacement front panel

Temax insulated thermal pallet shipper for temperature protection hot and coldTHERMAL SEAL - bottom and side panels

Temax Palettenbox für Luftfracht Pharmazeutika und Lebensmitteln Frishwaren TiefkühlBoxes gelpacks or PCM in front panel

Temax geïsoleerde thermische palletbox en palletshipper voor luchtvracht farmaceutica en voeding koel vers diepvriesPlacement top panel

TEMAX isolierte Palletbox Palettenbox für Transport Lebensmitteln Frische TIefkühlTHERMAL SEAL : top + sides + front + back

Temax palletshipperREADY for transport


All panels are automatically connected to each other by a pressed thermal seal to prevent possible thermal bridges = NO cold or warm air can float in the box.

NO TEMPERATURE RISKS due to bad or incorrect usage
- Patented System -

Temperature tests

The Temax EPS Polystyrene pallet shipper has been tested and qualified according to the Temax temperature performance tests. All test results and qualification reports are available on request.

TEST 1 = SUMMER profile - Ambient Pharmaceuticals (20°C) - Airfreight TARMAC simulation

Temax Pallet shipper temperature test Grafiek zomer profiel

TEST 2 = WINTER profile - Ambient Pharmaceuticals (20°C) - Airfreight TARMAC simulation

Temax palletshipper palletbox temperature test winter profile Airfreight Ambients

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