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TEMAX insulation technology

What is Temax thermal blanket - flexible insulation material

Temax insulation is a unique developed (engineered) multilayer insulation material with high insulation quality in regards to thickness, which is used as a flexible insulated thermal blanket or wrapping foil for insulating time-temperature sensitive products (food - pharmaceuticals - healthcare - chemicals) in transport and cold chain logistics.

The Temax insulation or thermal blanket has a special and unique composition of special produced thermal bubble foils, which function as closed convection cells, combined with high resistant reflecting foils. The composition and special build-up of the material offer a big thermal resistance against the major heat transmissions being radiation, convection and conduction (see below). All this is created with a minimal own weight and a minimal temperature intake and accumulation, resulting in a high insulation quality.

The Temax insulation has a very low weight and is flexible or foldable which makes it very easy to use and to handle. Next, the Temax insulation is 100% recyclable to even partial biologic degradable which makes it suitable for single use or one-way use applications.

Temax thermal specifications

The Temax® insulation material is a unique engineered insulation material based upon air-thermal-conductivity (lambda 0,024W/m.K) and Polyethylene-LD-thermal-conductivity (lambda 0,33W/m.K). The Temax® material is thermally engineered according to ISO-6946 in which the engineered values are inclusive Rsi and Rse with horizontal transmission combined with the multiple Re values. The cavity wall technique was engineered with un-ventilated values.

TEMAX 4000 thermal blankets

TESTED in airfreight TARMAC on extreme solar power and greenhouse effect. Product qualified by Temax and validated by global pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Available at Temax EUROPE and USA

Technical Specifications
- Very high insulation quality
- R and U values available
- 10 layers thermal bubble foil
- Thermal foils 100% polyethylene
- 4 layers high reflection foils
- Polyester with metalized reflection
- Not laminated or glued composition
- Easy to recycle / supply chain formules

Integrated thermal techniques
- Closed air convection cell insulation technology
- Multi layer reflection technique
- 4 reflections with 97% reflection per layer
- Maximal reflection technique on multi-reflection systems
- Direct touch reflection technique
- Minimal material conductivity technique
- Internal cavity wall insulation technology
- Internal convection air flow system

User specifications
- Very light weight, flexible and easily foldable, water resistant

Recycling specifications + indirect RE-USE
- Recycle procedures further in this plan

Temax-4000 Temax-2000 Temax-1000 Temax-500 insulation quality

TEMAX heat transfer specifications

Temax insulation versus heat radiation
To offer resistance against the most important element of the heat transfer being heat radiation, the Temax insulation material is foreseen with multiple reflection foils creating a reflecting capacity of 97%. On each special reflection foil the reflection takes place on both sides. To make sure that reflection can exist at all, it is very important that the reflection foils are not in direct contact with the temperature sensitive product or heat source seeing a direct touch will convert the heat radiation into conduction making the reflection useless. Therefore the Temax insulation material is foreseen with special transparent distance keepers, special thermo bubble foils, so an optimal reflection can exist creating a maximal thermal resistance.

Temax insulation versus conduction
Conduction is the heat transfer that takes places through materials. Metal for example is a great heat conductor. If you would heat up a metal bar on one side, the heat will transfer very fast to the other side of the bar through conduction. The resistance against heat conduction is therefore depending on the type of material or better the lambda value of the material. One of the lowest lambda values is air. The Temax insulation is build-up with a multiple layer convection cell technology filled with air. These cells are created by polyethylene bubble foils which are specially produced with a minimal material usage so the conduction is reduced to a minimum. The Temax 4000 insulation for example is build-up with 10 layers of these convection cell foils. These foils are also not laminated against each other so the heat-up of one layer does not influence the other layers. This special build-up creates a great heat resistance and insulation quality.

Temax insulation versus convection
Convection is heat transfer by air or liquid current. Warmth rises upwards and cold falls downwards. To offer resistance against convection the Temax insulation material consists out of convection cells in which air is captured. These individual convection cells are precisely produced so that each cell has an optimal internal air flow and circulation to offer a maximal heat resistance. All convection cells on the layers or films are produced with a certain gap for avoiding heat transfer between the convection cells. This makes that the convection warmth of one cell can’t influence another neighbor cell. Seeing the different layers of the foils with the convection cells are not laminated against each other but are loose, a second internal air flow can exist between the different layers creating a different convection flow between the layers. This technology also helps decreasing condense situations which is a common problem with other insulations materials.

Temax insulation and other insulation
If you have experience in insulation materials you can probably state that insulation materials take on the temperature of their environment. So if you place an insulation material in the freezer for a few hours, the material will be feeling cold and this for a long time. That explains also the reason why it is so hot in the sealing of your home in the summer nights event how it is colder in the night. This is caused by the heating up of the insulation material in your roof during the day when the sun was shining on it. This phenomena it not appearing with the Temax insulation material. If you would place the Temax insulation in the freezer for several hours and you place your and on it, it will just feel cold for a few seconds. This due to the combined thermal technologies of the material.

Temax manufacturing and Recycling

Temax thermal blankets and insulation materials are manufactured and recycled by the company Krautz TEMAX in Europe and USA. All Temax products are tailor made and are aproved by Temax Quality Assurance according to the Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures" in regards to ISO-9001-2015.

Krautz Temax manufacturing laser cutting machine CNC automation process

TEMAX manufacturing BELGIUM

Krautz Temax Produktion Herstellung Laser schneimachine CNC automatisierung

TEMAX full automated laser cutting machine for product conformance

TEMAX developed thermal bubble foil machine

Krautz Temax global registered trademarkTemax global protection

The Temax insulation material is integrated in multiple patent applications by the company Krautz-Temax.
Temax is a worldwide registered and protected brand name.
Global registered list available on request.
Temax is implemented in global validations by pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

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