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Thermal covers for temperature protection in supermarkets during unloading process
In the distribution or supply chain of temperature sensitive food products such as fruits & vegetables, fish & meat, bananas & exotic fruits, chilled salads and milk products, etc... the supermarkets are doing a lot of affords to maintain the required temperatures during the total cold chain. A problem yet appears when the goods, which are loaded on pallets or roller containers, are unloaded in the shelves or display in the local supermarket. During the unloading process, what easily takes up to 30 minutes, the temperature sensitive goods are unprotected and are open to the temperature in the store which can be around +20°C. This will influence the temperature of the goods. To prevent this from happening, an insulated cover could be used to protect the temperature sensitive goods during the unloading process.

The marketing and sales value to the consumer
The usage of an insulated cover or thermo cover in the local supermarket has also a big marketing value. The neo-consumer is very critical in temperature maintenance seeing the consumers know that temperature fluctuations have an influence on the quality of the goods. So if they see that temperature sensitive goods are unprotected during the unloading process of a pallet or roller container, questions will be asked. This gives opportunities by using an insulation cover in the supermarket which shows that this supermarket has its cold chain closed. Also the producers of food products are placing their logo on the covers which can be seen in the supermarket so it shows that their products are protected and have the best quality. That this logo can also stimulate an extra impulse buying is a nice extra.

Krautz Temax Thermohaube isolierhaube im Supermarkt Warenschutz Frische Kühlwaren Tiefkühl

Thermal cover for roll containers
As mentioned before, the goal of the thermal cover for supermarket stores is to offer a temperature protection during the unloading process in the local stores of the supermarket. The local supermarket receives their temperature controlled products on roll containers which they will roll into the store. As soon as the products are unloaded from the trailer / truck, the thermal cover is placed over the roll container. As soon as the cover is in place a temperature protection will be offered. Next the roll container will be pulled into the store so the products can be unloaded into the dedicated product shelves. To make this possible, the thermal cover is equipped with two doors which are opened with industrial zippers. The doors also open from roof side to bottom meaning that minimal air-flow exchange will take place during the unloading process.

Insulated cover for pallets in supermarkets
As soon as the cover is placed around the goods the pallet with cover can be driven into the supermarket. A zipper closure at all sides offers the possibility to open the side which will be unloaded. The insulated cover for supermarkets has no insulated roof so the goods can be picked-out of the cover easily. The side-insulation makes sure that the goods at the bottom, which are in the open at the longest time, are protected.

Krautz Temax thermal cover for supermarket temperature protection fresh chilled frozen

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Insulation qualities

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