Insulated thermal crates for the distribution of fresh frozen products

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Usage of foldable folding crates
Foldable folding crates are used as a multiple use transport packaging system or as a small load carrier device to transport smaller volumes of all kind of products. The foldable folding crates or boxes are equipped with handles so the crates are easy to carry. The folding foldable crates and boxes are also manufactured with foldable sides so the total crate or box can be folded easily to a small package. Most crates are also especially developed so they can be stacked or stored on each other to create a stack of crates for bigger individual transports volumes. In short, foldable folding crates are easy to use and offer flexibility in small distribution logistic processes.

Usage of insulated foldable folding crates
When foldable folding crates and boxes are used to transport time-temperature sensitive products or conditioned products, the temperature preservation or temperature protection of these products become very important seeing temperature deviations or excursions will have an impact on the quality of the products. In order to protect the temperature of the conditioned product in the crate, the crate can be insulated by thermal insulated covers which transfer the foldable folding crate into a thermal insulated crate. The temperature preservation is hereby depending on the thermal force or thermal resistance that is created by the insulation quality of the thermal cover. It can be stated that a better insulation quality (R-U-k-value) will generate a longer temperature preservation or temperature stabilization of the product.

Insulated thermal covers on the inside or outside of foldable folding crates or boxes
When insulated thermal covers or packaging systems are used to insulate foldable folding boxes and crates, the choice can be made to implement the thermal cover on the inside or on the outside of the crate or box. Each system has its specific advantages in regards to applications and usages and will determine the ideal choice. One of the big advantage of the thermal cover on the outside of the crate for example is the reduction in possible contaminations (GDP – HACCP) of the thermal cover. The conditioned time-temperature sensitive products are placed in the foldable folding crate and the crate is placed in the thermal cover keeping the cover clean seeing the product has no direct contact with the thermal cover.

Krautz Temax isolierte faltbox klapbox

Krautz Temax geïsoleerde thermische krat vouwkrat plooibox plooikrat

Taillor made production according to insulation quality, dimensions, applications, etc...
The insulated thermal covers for foldable folding crates or boxes are produced tailor made according to the crate dimensions, the required insulation quality, requested colors, etc… The closure on the thermal cover can also be tailor made according to the application and the user wishes. All this makes it possible to create the ideal thermal cover for the folding crate according to the specific needs and logistic processes. Do you have certain wishes or demands; do not hesitate to contact us. Our engineering team will gladly assist you in our perfect design.

High insulation quality for fresh - chilled - frozen products
As mentioned before, we offer a tailor made production of the insulated thermal covers for foldable folding crates which also means that we can offer different insulation qualities depending on the type of products such as fresh products, chilled products, frozen products or ambient products. When extra cold or heat temperatures are required, extra thermal energy generators such as gel packs, Dry-Ice or PCM’s (Phase Change Materials) can be added to stabilize the temperature of the conditioned product for a longer time.

Krautz Temax insulated thermal crate box folding box frozen fresh food

Krautz Temax caise pliabe isotherme thermique isolant produits frais congéles surgéles

Krautz Temax geïsoleerde thermische krat vouwkrat klapkrat inkoopkrat

Krautz Temax isolierte Klappbox Faltbox Frischwaren Kühlwaren

Krautz Temax housse isotherme caise protection température

Krautz Temax isolierte Klapboxen Faltboxen Temperaturschutz Thermoshutzhaube

Insulation qualities

Temax-4000 Temax-2000 Temax-1000 Temax-500 insulation quality