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What is the Maxi Coolshopper cooler bag
The maxi coolshopper is a unique insulated cooler bag or carrier bag that fits into a shopping cart and is used for temperature protection of products during the shopping process. With other words; the main goal of the maxi cool shopper is to preserve the temperature of time-temperature sensitive products or conditioned products such as fresh, chilled or frozen during the shopping time in the supermarket. In order to create this temperature protection, the maxi coolshopper cooler bag is equipped with insulation material that offers a thermal resistance against the outside temperatures so the temperature of the conditioned products in the bag can be preserved, maintained. The time that the product temperature can be preserved or stabilized is depending on the insulation quality of the insulation material. The better the insulation quality (R-U-k-value) of the insulation material, the better or the longer the temperature preservation or stabilization.

Maxi Coolshopper extends the shopping time in the store and reduces shopping stress
When we go shopping in the supermarket and we take conditioned products, such as chilled, fresh or frozen articles, out of the cooler shelves and place them in our shopping cart, a kind of strange feeling starts to grow where we realize that we need to speed-up our pace. We realize that we need to hurry because we know that our chilled products (+6°C) and our frozen products (-18°C) start to warm-up in the shopping cart (+20°C) during our time in the store. This strange feeling even creates a certain shopping stress feeling. We need to get out of the store and get home as soon as possible to get the conditioned products back into the fridge or freezer without creating any quality damages to the products due to too long temperature exposures. This strange shopping-stress feeling is significantly reduced by the usage of the maxi coolshopper cooler bag. The maxi coolshopper fits nicely into a shopping cart and the insulated material of the bag offers the possibility to store the conditioned products protected from external temperature influences. This knowledge of a temperature protection takes away this strange shopping-stress feeling. We know that the conditioned products are protected from any possible quality damages.
The maxi coolshopper can also be used as a carrying bag so the conditioned products can also be protected during the drive home. In another formula, the maxi coolshopper remains in the shopping cart at all times and becomes a part of the shopping cart. In short, the maxi coolshopper offers great and unique possibilities to increase product quality during the shopping process and reduce possible shopping-stress for the consumers.

Krautz Temax insulated thermal cooler bag for shopping cart

Krautz Temax isolierte Kühltasche für Einkaufswagen

Krautz Temax sac isotherme pour chariot d'achat supermarché

Krautz Temax Isolierte Kühltasche für Einkaufswagen im Supermarkt

Krautz Temax koeltas voor winkelwagen - sac isotherme pour chariot d'achat

Maxi Coolshopper technical specifications (Tailor made productions)
The maxi coolshopper is tailor made according to the wishes of the customer and users. The cooler bag can also be produced tailor made according to the dimensions and set-up of the shopping cart so the combination looks great and a maximal volume can be created. It is also possible to develop and produce the maxi coolshopper according wanted colors, logo prints, etc.

High insulation quality for fresh - chilled - frozen products
As mentioned before, we offer a tailor made production of the insulated thermal covers for foldable folding crates which also means that we can offer different insulation qualities depending on the type of products such as fresh products, chilled products, frozen products or ambient products. When extra cold or heat temperatures are required, extra thermal energy generators such as gel packs, Dry-Ice or PCM’s (Phase Change Materials) can be added to stabilize the temperature of the conditioned product for a longer time.

Insulation qualities

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