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Insulated cooler bags for medicines - pharmaceuticals
Cooler bags are bags in which special insulated materials are implemented to protect the temperature of the temperature sensitive products like chilled pharmaceuticals or medicines against unwanted external or outer temperatures. The cool bag is functioning as a passive cooling system which means that the insulation quality of the cool bag is determining the temperature preservation or temperature result. In the production of cool bags it is very important that potential cold bridges are avoided so the most ideal temperature preservation can be reached. Next to the temperature preservation the looks and the ergonomic items of the cool bag is also important. Therefore the company Krautz - Temax as developer and producer of cool bags produces tailor made cool bags according to the wishes and needs of the customer. Do you have a need for cool bags do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to design and study the most ideal cool bag for your application.

Cooler bags in the cold chain of pharmaceuticals and medicines
On the page cold chain of pharmaceuticals we spoke about the set-up of a cold chain when temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and medicines are shipped or transported. As soon as the medicines have arrived at the pharmacy the cold chain ends, yet there is still a way to go and this is from the pharmacy to the end-user, the consumer. To get the medicines at the consumer the pharmacy can transport the medicines to the consumer or the consumer can pick-up the medicines at the pharmacy. Seems easy, yet if the medicines are temperature sensitive, the necessary measurements have to be taken so the temperature of the medicines is kept within its required limits. To do this a cool bag can be used. The company Krautz –Temax produces special cool bags for this purpose. The cool bags are tailor made according to the required temperature preservation and design.

Krautz Temax Kühltasche Pharmazeutika Medikamente Medizienen

Krautz Temax thermal cooler bag pharmaceuticals medicines medication

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Krautz Temax koeltas voor farmaceutica geneesmiddelen medicijnen medicamenten

Tailor made cooler bags for medicines and pharmaceuticals
The Krautz - Temax cool bags are tailor made according to the whishes of the user or client. Mostly the pharmaceutical producers design a certain cool bag specific for their medicine. The cool bags can be produced in different materials, logo prints, how to use information etc… Some medicines are due to specific temperatures and require an extra cooling in the cool bag. To do this the cool bags can be produced with specials pockets in which gel packs or cool packs can be placed. To guaranty the ideal temperature the bags are tailor made to the required insulation quality and numbers of needed gel packs or ice packs.

High insulation quality for fresh - chilled - frozen products
We offer a tailor made production of the cooler bags which also means that we can offer different insulation qualities depending on the type of products such as fresh products, chilled products, frozen products or ambient products. When extra cold or heat temperatures are required, extra thermal energy generators such as gel packs, Dry-Ice or PCM’s (Phase Change Materials) can be added to stabilize the temperature of the conditioned product for a longer time

Insulation qualities

Temax-4000 Temax-2000 Temax-1000 Temax-500 insulation quality