PMC ULD airplane pallet insulation LD7 – LD8 – LD11

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What is the PMC - ULD insulation system

The PMC-ULD insulation system is a thermal blanket that is used to protect the temperature of time-temperature sensitive products during airfreight logistics. The PMC-ULD insulation system contains a thermal blanket with a certain insulation quality or thickness which is pre-manufactured to the size of an airplane pallet. The ULD-PMC insulation system can be used for all kind of time-temperature sensitive products such as fresh or frozen food products, ambient or fresh pharmaceuticals etc... The PMC-ULD insulation system can be used as primary or secondary insulation system depending on the required thermal protection and  temperature conditions.

Airplane pallets LD7 - LD8 - LD11

The PMC-ULD insulation system is tailor made according to the type of airplane pallet LD7 - LD8 - LD11. The insulation system is tailor made according to the pallet location on the airplane being LOWER-deck or MAIN-deck.

Protocol / how-to-use

The drawings below show the step-by-step procedures on how the PMC-ULD insulation system is used to completely protect the time-temperature sensitive products which are loaded on an airplane pallet.

TEMAX PMC ULD thermal insulated cover airplane pallets LD7 LD8 LD11Airplane pallet

TEMAX PMC ULD isolierung Flugzeugpalette LD7 LD8 LD11Bottom insulation on airplane pallet

TEMAX PMC ULD isolatie voor het isoleren van vliegtuigpallets LD7 LD8 LD11
Products on bottom insulation

TEMAX PMC ULD isolation pour isoler palettes de fret aerien LD7 LD8 LD11
Side insulation around the products

TEMAX PMC ULD cover airplane pallets in airfreight fresh chocolat berries pharma
Bottom insulation : fold flaps upwards + tape

TEMAX PMC ULD Flugzeugpalette isolieren
IMPORTANT = seal flaps with tape (yellow)

TEMAX PMC ULD insulated thermal cover LD7 airplane pallets
Place TOP insulation : fold flaps downwards

TEMAX PMC ULD vliegtuig pallet isoleren LD7
IMPORTANT = seal flaps with tape (yellow)

TEMAX PMC ULD isolieren von LD7 Luftfracht Palette
Pallet is unsulated

IATA guidelines

After the insulation procedures, make sure that the complete load is compliant to the IATA guidelines in regards to airfreight cargo.

Temax thermal blankets airfreight PMC ULD pallet LD7 aircraft airplane pallet

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