Protocol “CROSS” thermal blankets for insulating pallets

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Temax protocol cross insulating thermal pallets pharmaceuticals healtcare

Multilayer thermal blankets for temperature protection of time-temperature sensitive products
Thermal blankets for Euro pallets (80x120cm) and US-BLOCK pallets (40"x48")
Customer validated for (+2 to +30°C and +15 tot +25°C) pharmaceuticals in airfreight shipments

Protocol "CROSS" : How-to-use instructions

According to this protocol "Cross" two thermal blankets are cut from the Temax insulation rolls and placed in a cross format on the pallet. This cross-format actually creates a double insulation on the bottom resulting in the insulation configuration (T1-S1-B2). If you need the standard configuration (T1-S1-B1) meaning one layer Temax insulation on all sides, it is advisable to use protocol Blankets. As soon as the blankets are placed on the pallet, the goods are loaded on the blankets. These blankets are folded upwards over the two sides, front and back to protect all the sides and the roof of the pallet / goods. This also means that one of the two blankets is larger to seal the top or roof of the pallet. The dimensions can be found in the PDF format protocol. Next, all sides and overlaps are sealed with tape to prevent potential cold bridges. Below you can find the steps which need to be followed according to this protocol "Cross".
Complete protocol "Cross" booklet available in PDF format.

Temax insulation roll Isolierfolie rolle - rol isolatiefolie

Temax cutting insulation material - verschneiden Isolierfolien - knippen isolatiefolie

Temax protocol CROSS insulating pallets insulated wrapping foil airfreight

Temax protokol CROSS Isolierfolien Isolierte wickelfolien Palette Luftfracht

Krautz TEMAX isolatiefolie geïsoleerde wikkelfolie pallets paletten

Temax foil isolante isotherme pour palettes

Temax thermal blankets chilled frozen food airfreight sea freight road transport

Temax isolierung von paletten für Luftfracht Seedracht See transport Strassen transport


WORKSHEET "How-to-use" instructions
This worksheet contains the mayor user steps for packing time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals on Euro or US- Block pallets with Temax® thermal blankets. Please see complete detailed procedure in the protocol “Blankets” and T.R.M. “Temperature Risk Management” guidelines. Keep this worksheet in the direct proximity of the work space. The complete protocol and worksheet is available in PDF format. More information? Please send us an email.

Training & Education "Day-training" sessions + certificate
When a 3PL-provider or pharmaceutical manufacturer wants to implement the usage of Temax thermal blankets or thermal covers, the company Krautz-Temax provides specialized or customer dedicated “day-trainings” and education. This day-training contains a three hours theoretical course on thermal energy and temperature phenomena followed by a three hours practical training on wrapping and insulating procedures (protocols and S.O.P’s). The training set-up can be a standard Temax® protocol or a new protocol which is specially developed for a certain pharmaceutical manufacturer. (Training: English language at Krautz-Temax HQ) More information? Please send us an email.

S.O.P's "Standard Operation Procedures"
Please read the S.O.P's (TRM-plan) before you start the wrapping or insulating of the pallets. In the S.O.P's you can find more detailed information on the function of the overlaps and the sealing process which are crucial to avoid potential cold bridges or thermal bridges.

Insulation configuration (T1-S1-B1)
In this example the insulation configuration T1-S1-B1 was used which means that on all sides (Top, Sides, Bottom) one (1) layer of Temax-4000 insulation material was used. Please check the thermal energy calculations which were made for you which insulation configuration needs to be used for your transport or cold chain situation.

Temax multilayer insulation foil - thermal blankets - for temperature protection of pallets
The Temax multilayer insulation foils or thermal blankets are also used for temperature protection of time-temperature sensitive products against external temperatures. The insulation foils of thermal blankets function as a passive cooling system in which the own thermal energy of the products is used to offer a certain temperature preservation. The time of the temperature preservation is hereby depending on the available thermal energy of the products combined with the insulation quality of the thermal blankets and the temperature difference to which the passive cooling system is exposed. The higher the insulation quality of the thermal blankets, the longer the temperature preservation.

Temax thermal blankets = high insulation + payload friendly + nature friendly
The Temax multilayer insulation foil or thermal blankets are mostly used in transport and logistics for the shipment and handling of time-temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, food products and perishables and chemical products. When these kind of products are transported or shipped with thermal blankets, two mayor issues are important being the temperature preservation, which determines the quality of the products, and the payload which will have an impact on the transport costs. Experience shows that the Temax thermal blankets can offer an ideal co-relation between these two subjects due to its light weight and high insulation quality. This also explains why more and more companies are implementing the Temax thermal blankets as their standard temperature controlled logistics systems. The Temax thermal blankets are also 100% recyclable.