STORAGE systems for the storage of thermal covers

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Storage systems for thermal covers
One of the additional products which are used together with thermal covers are storage systems on which the covers are hung-up. To do this the thermal covers are foreseen with straps on top of the covers which fit on the storage containers. These containers are foreseen with bars. A storage container can maintain storage of 20 covers depending on the thickness or insulation quality of the covers. If the covers are not used they are hung-up on these containers. The trick is to place the storage container strategically in the distribution center. The storage containers are also movable which makes it possible to move the stored thermal covers from the return entry of the distribution center to the temperature conditioned facility where they are to be used again. Next to the storage the storage containers can also be used to bring-on the thermal covers over the roller containers or pallets. When the covers are implemented with the folding system, the cover will automatically fold open on the storage container so the roller container or pallet can be driven in the open cover. Next the cover is taken from the storage containers and closed, ready for transport. This system is successfully implemented in several supermarket groups where they see that the time, used to handle an insulated cover, is reduced from minutes to just seconds.

Multiple use thermal covers in the logistics process of food retailers and supermarkets
More and more supermarkets and other distributors of food products are implementing insulated thermal covers or thermal covers for the distribution of temperature controlled or temperature sensitive products as fresh, chilled, frozen or exotic food products. The usage of thermal covers gives big advantages in the logistic flow and quality of the products. Seeing the thermal covers are functioning as a passing cooling system, the covers protect the temperature of the products or goods against any external or outer temperatures. This means that the goods can be transported in any condition which makes combined logistics of goods with different temperatures possible reducing the transport costs significant. Not only in the distribution but also in storage the thermal covers offer opportunities. In the distribution center or the local supermarket thermal covers are used as a short-time storage system in which the temperature of the product is protected from external temperatures increasing flexibility and quality.

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Krautz Temax Lagerung Thermohauben Rollbehälter Isolierhauben

Fully automated storage system for thermal covers
Below a fully automated storage system for thermal covers is shown which makes it possible to store thermal cover in the height. The system functions fully automated.

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