CROSS-DOCK thermal packaging for food distribution – last mile distribution

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What is the usage of the insulated cross-dock packaging
Cross dock or cross docking is a term used in the logistics or transport sector and means in simple words that a certain package is not opened or repacked by the actors in the supply chain. With other words is it the producer of the products or goods which packs and labels the package to be shipped or transported to the end-user. All the actors in the supply chain like transport companies, resellers, distribution centers, etc… who handle the package, do not open the package or re-pack the package but just take it in and send it out again. Krautz-Temax developed a special insulated packaging system for these cross-dock formulas. Conditioned food products such as chilled fresh or frozen products can be transported or distributed with this cross-dock packaging system. This means that the manufacturer of the conditioned products will pack the products in the cross-dock packaging directly according to the store details of the supermarket chain. The package is next shipped to the distribution center of the supermarket that can see the store information on the packaging and place the package in the transport lane of that dedicated store. As soon as the package is delivered to the store, the package is emptied and shipped back to the logistics center that will send it back to the manufacturer of the conditioned products to be re-filled again.

Closed cold chain due to the thermal cross-dock packaging
The big advantage of the insulated cross-dock packaging system is the closed cold chain that it can create. The conditioned food products are packed in the cross-dock packaging at the location of the manufacturer of the conditioned food products and removed again at the end-location, the store. This means that during the total cold chain, the package is not opened at the locations of the actors in the cold chain or supply chain providing a good and stable temperature protection. The condition of this stable temperature preservation is yet the good quality of the insulation material of the cross-dock packaging system combined with the required extra thermal energy generators. The combination has to make sure that the minimal and maximal temperature barriers of the products are not exceeded.

Krautz Temax Isolierverpackung Isolierte Verpackung Temperaturschutz Frischwaren Frostwaren Lebensmitteln

Krautz Temax emballage isotherme thermique produits frais surgéles

Krautz Temax geïsoleerde verpakking thermoverpakking vers koel diepries producten

Integrated removable shelves for cooling elements
Sometimes it can be necessary to enclose extra ice-packs or frozen elements to maintain the temperature for a longer time. Therefore the insulated package is foreseen with a special aluminum storage room for these elements.

Insulation qualities

Temax-4000 Temax-2000 Temax-1000 Temax-500 insulation quality