Insulation foil for insulating buildings and warehouses

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Krautz Temax insulation foil building - Thermofolien Gebaude - Isolatiefolie - Feuille d'isolation batiment

Usage of Temax insulation in buildings
The by Krautz developed insulation material "Temax" is also used to insulate constructions and buildings as walls, roofs and sealings. The Temax insulation is flexible, easy to use, water and condense resistant and has a very light weight. This combined with a very high insulation quality and a thickness of only 4cm. The Temax is also used for insulating cold chambers and storage rooms.

Why insulate efficiently
Insulating buildings and houses becomes more and more a hot item. Due to the interesting return on investment and energy savings it becomes very important to insulate so the heat transfer and energy loss is reduced to a minimum. The key word in insulating is insulating efficiently which means that a high quality insulation material is used and a good insulating technique is applied. This to avoid cold bridges and trying to achieve an air-thight build-up so no condensation damages on the construction surface or in the construction materials will apear. So if you want to save on energy loss by insulating your house or construction, do it efficiently.

Calculations for the architect Insulation qualities R-U-k-values
On the page Temax insulation material you can fine the insulation values of the different Temax insulation materials. All the calculations are made according to ISO6946 for insulation materials in constructions and the R-k-U values are inclusive the reflection heat resistance factor and the thermal surface resistance factor (Rsi and Rse) with a horizontal heat transfer. If you therefore use the values of the insulation materials please note in your calculations that these factors need to be taken into consideration for the total insulation value of the construction

Krautz temax Roof insulation - Dachisolierung

Krautz Temax isolatie

Why use the Temax insulation material
The Temax insulation material is already been used in buildings, houses, warehouses and other constructions. The Temax insulation material has a high insulation quality and is totally air-tight which makes it an ideal insulator to insulate efficiently. The Temax insulation material is also very flexible and is easy to cut to size which makes it easy to handle and easy to use.

Krautz Temax Isoliermaterial

Krautz Temax insulation isolation