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Welcome to our movie channel. On this page you can find movies of our products and solutions on cold chain logistics. All movies were made by Krautz Temax or their partners. We upload movies frequently so stay tuned for the newest developments. Some movies have been produced a longer time ago and may not offer the best movie quality. Our sincere apologies for this.

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Triple Cooler FULL automatic cooling trailer

Protocol “SEA-EYE” Sea container insulation

Airfreight thermal blankets – Information movie

Protocol “PMC-ROL” thermal blankets for airplane pallets

Protocol “BLANKETS” for Euro Block pallets

Protocol “Blankets – SET” for Euro Block pallets

Protocol “COVERS” single use thermal covers

Protocol “Covers DO-U” single use thermal covers

Mobi-Box Thermal roll container

Bi-temp Mobi-Box – Two temperature roll container

Pallet covers multiple use with middle closure

Q-FOLD thermal cover with four foldeble sides

Bi-Fold automated thermal cover for roll containers

REMAX reflecting thermal cover for pallets

More movies at next update. Stay tuned