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The company Krautz-Temax is specialized in the development and manufacturing of active and passive cooling solutions (thermal packaging) for the logistics and distribution of time-temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals & healthcare products, perishables and food products, flowers, chemicals etc...

We develop and manufacture solutions for all transport conditions like airfreight, sea freight, road transport, last mile in which we aim to optimize the temperature and its related product quality values. Temax is a global registered Trademark of the company Krautz.

KRAUTZ-TEMAX headquarters
- Europe = Krautz-Temax - 3550 Heusden-Zolder - Belgium

Temax services
- Thermal packaging development
- Manufacturing & Recycling
- Qualification and validation
- Training and certification
- Temperature analysis and engineering
- Cold chain consultancy / project management
- Temperature mapping
- Etc...

Temax International

Manufacturing and Recycling
The company Krautz-Temax has multiple production plants where thermal packaging solutions are manufactured. Next to manufacturing the plants are also equipped with special recycling machines to offer a minimal waste production and offer a re-use opportunity of raw materials for minimal impact on ecological footprint. All production plants operate within the Temax quality management system.

Research and Development
The Temax products and solutions are developed within the Temax group where several engineering departments engineer the most ideal solution for our customers. All new developments and solutions are applied for patent registrations.

QA/QC - Quality Assurance and Quality Control
All products and processes are submitted to the Krautz-Temax quality management system. We as a company aim to assure the product quality to the highest level and maintain a strict quality control in order to create customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

ISO-9001:2015 certified by LLOYDS Register
Krautz-Temax is manufacturer in which the G.M.P. procedures are written in the Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures" according to ISO-9001:2015. All the pharma dedicated products are manufactured according to this Q.A.P. standard.

TemaxPharma+ division for pharmaceuticals
Temax has invested in a special division for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. This division will handle all Pharma dedicated thermal packaging and cold chain solutions and is equipped with special trained and dedicated employees. TemaxPharma+ has multiple end-stop warehouse plants where an extra quality control management is implemented to be compliant to the special pharma directives and customer requests.

Test laboratory for qualifications
In order to create product qualifications or customer validations on the temperature performance of the Temax products, the main manufacturing plants are equipped with a dedicated test laboratory where temperature tests and material tests can be performed. All test results are written in reports to inform regulatory bodies and customers.

Training and Education
When new products or solutions are implemented at our customers, we offer the opportunity for training and education programs. Temax is equipped with special training centers where theoretical and practical training can be provided. All training can be provided with certificates to be compliant with interal quality programs.

TEMAX - your partner in temperature optimization

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PMPS Pharmaceutical Magazine
Title : "Aiding Pharma in Airfreight"

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