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KRAUTZ - TEMAX cold chain solutions

The company Krautz-Temax is specialized in the development and manufacturing of active and passive cooling solutions (thermal packaging) for the logistics and distribution of time-temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals & healthcare products, perishables and food products, flowers, chemicals etc...

We develop and manufacture solutions for all transport conditions like airfreight, sea freight, road transport, last mile in which we aim to optimize the temperature and its related product quality values. Temax is a global registered Trademark of the company Krautz.

> Thermal packaging development
> Manufacturing & Recycling
> Qualification and validation
> Training and certification
> Temperature analysis and engineering
> Cold chain consultancy / project management
> Temperature mapping
>>> Etc...

Krautz-Temax is manufacturer in which the G.M.P. procedures are written in the Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures" according to ISO-9001:2015. All the pharma dedicated products are manufactured according to this Q.A.P. standard.

KRAUTZ-TEMAX headquarters
>> EUROPE = Krautz-Temax - 3550 Heusden-Zolder - Belgium
>> USA = Temax Americas Ltd - Hanover Park - Illinois

TEMAX - MOVIE - Thermal Blankets - Supply Chain - Manufacturing & Recycling

NEWS UPDATE - May 2018

  • PHARMA +2°C to +8°C / We recently performed a temperature test with Temax-4000 thermal blankets on chilled pharmaceuticals (2-8°C) in summer and winter profile where TARMAC simulations were performed on pallet loads. These test results are available on request.
  • PMC AIRPLAINE PALLETS / We are building a unique test climate chamber for temperature tests of complete PMC-ULD airplane pallets for TARMAC simulations where we even simulate heated tarmac conditions. We can also simulate the temperature of the Tarmac floor.
  • TRAILER TESTING / We are building multiple unique test climate chambers for temperature tests of complete trailers where we can simulate winter and summer conditions. These climate chambers will be used for trailer mapping of conditioned trailers and other temperature tests requirements.
  • MORE news at next update.

Pallets Euro-Block
Krautz Temax protocol Blankets SET thermal blankets airfreight air cargo temperature protection Tramac

START-UP Temax USA facility

Automated laser cutting machines

NEW model sea liner container

PMPS - TEMAX Article Aiding PHARMA in Airfreight

NEW Publication in PMPS Pharma magazine
Edition May 2018 / Page 36

Title : "Aiding Pharma in Airfreight"

Read it in PDF file
PMPS - Krautz TEMAX - spotlight May 2018

PMPS Magazine
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer

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