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The company Krautz-TEMAX is a global manufacturer. Therefore we cannot publish product prices online. May we kindly ask you to write us a small email on your request and we will be happy to send you our product overview with prices. We aim to respond to your message within 24Hrs.


BELGIUM Head quarters
Koolmijnlaan 340
3550 Heusden-Zolder
Tel: +32 - (0)

email general:

QA/QC - Logistics Center
Magazijnstraat 3
3550 Heusden-Zolder

Tel: +49 - (0) 241.413.42.73

Temax USA

TEMAX Americas Ltd
1700 Tower Drive, Hanover Park
60133 Illinois - USA
Tel : +1 224 634 4225
Website :
Email :

NOTE : Temax Americas contains purely warehousing, no commercial activities. Please contact our HQ for all questions. Thanks in advance

TEMAX global locations and 3PL users

The red dots on the world map show the TEMAX warehouse and manufacturing (Europe - USA).
The green dots show the locations were the Temax thermal blankets are in use 3PL providers and freight forwarding companies for the airfreight and sea freight of time-temperature sensitive products / pharmaceuticals / food products / chemicals. New locations are started frequently.

TEMAX global users thermal blankets







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We thank you for your visit to our website and hope that we could offer the solution that you were looking for. We develop and manufacture cold chain solutions tailor made according to specific customer wishes. So if you did not find what you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly assist you in developing your ideal solution.

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Online Payments

We offer our customers the possibility to perform payments online.
Please use the dedicated PayPal "donation" buttons.

  - Donation purpose = Temax invoice number
  - Donation amount = Temax invoice amount

Thanks in advance.
We remain at your service for additional information.

NOTE: we are charged extra (+3,5%) for handling online payments. This amount will be added in the invoice. Please contact us if the extra amount of (+3,5%) is not yet added in your current invoice.