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KRAUTZ is a multinational company with head office in Belgium, specialized in the development and production / manufacturing of thermal packaging and thermal logistic solutions for the transport and distribution of time-temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals - healthcare products, food products, chemicals etc...

TEMAX is a worldwide registered Trademark (TM) of the company Krautz and represents a range of special developed multilayer insulation materials which are used as a passive cooling / packaging system for the temperature protection of time-temperature sensitive products.

Europe - Belgium

Temax Heusden head quarters 001

Temax manufacturing
Europe - Belgium

TEMAX production manufacturing BELGIUM 02

Temax warehouse
Europe - Belgium

Temax Krautz centraal magazijn Heusden-Zolder warehouse

TEMAX Americas
USA - Illinois

Temax USA Americas Hanover Park Illinois

G.M.P. Certificates

Temax Krautz GMP ISO certificate CE and OHSAS


TEMAX recycling Polyethylene

TEMAX Transport
Truck + trailer (6pcs)

TEMAX truck 120 001
120m³ transport volume
Reduction of 20% CO2

Our Aim

The aim or goal of our thermal engineering and product development is to prevent quality damages on temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, medicines and food products. As we all know, crucial food products and medicines are sensitive to temperature fluctuations where the impact or function of the medicine or food product can be changed, damaged or even cause disease when the product has been exposed to extreme temperatures (plus or minus). In our product development we therefore aim to offer the best quality in thermal solutions so our customers and their customers can be assured that the quality of their medicine or food product is guaranteed. This from producer till consumer.