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TEMAX production manufacturing BELGIUM 02

Krautz-TEMAX manufacturing
Brancardiershof 5
3550 Heusden-Zolder / Belgium / Europe
email : info@krautz.org
website : www.krautz.org

- Manufacturing + Recycling + QA/QC
- Training & Laboratory

The company Krautz-Temax has a manufacturing plant in Belgium – Europe (Heusden-Zolder) where Temax thermal blankets are manufactured. These thermal blankets are used for temperature protection during the transport of time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, food products and chemicals. To produce these products the manufacturing plant is equipped with specialized machines which are especially developed to produce the unique Temax insulation material. All products are produced from basic component to finished product without the implementation of third party manufacturing. The manufacturing plant is ISO-9001 certified according to the special Krautz-Temax quality assurance system. All Temax products are CE-conformity certified.

Temax G.M.P. "Good Manufacturing Practice"

The Krautz-Temax production sites are certified: ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001. At the time being Krautz-Temax produces the Temax products in three production plants being Belgium Bosnia and Turkey. In these production plants different types of products are produced according to the specialty of the production plant. The production plant in Belgium (Europe) is specialized in the production of special cold chain solutions for the transport of time-temperature sensitive healthcare products and pharmaceuticals.

Manufacturing from raw materials to finished product

To produce the Temax insulation material, all needed semi-products are produced in our production plants. We therefore start from raw materials, for example high quality polyethylene, and produce our special developed thermal foils. In a later phase these materials are reproduced to the known Temax multilayer thermal blanket in which the reflection technology is integrated according to the required insulation quality or configuration. When the insulation material is ready, the material can be re-produced to a certain finished product.

Unique! Three meter width thermal bubble foil machine

Krautz-Temax has recently invested in the new development of a bubble foil production machine which can produce a width of three meters. This is a unique peace of machinery will be used to produce insulation material especially for the big PMC-ULD airplane pallets according to the Temax special requirements and quality qualifications. With this new investment Krautz-Temax can offer a more consistent product according to the customer requirements on large dimensions. This new machine has recently been taken in production where the first test trials have been very successful. This machine is place in addition with the already stationed two meter width bubble machine.

Temax manufacturing thermal bubbel foil - Herstellung Thermo Luftpolsterfolien - Producent thermo noppenfolie

Temax Krautz manufacturing - Produktion - Productie - Production

Semi-automated machinery

When the Temax thermal blankets are produced, the next step in the production line is to transform these thermal blankets into finished products. This therefore means that cutting and resizing is required. To achieve the required quality, state of the art laser-beam cutting machines are used which are completely CNC driven, resulting in a completely automated production process. All production machines which are used to produce the Temax insulation material from raw material to finished product, were especially designed and produced according to the special Temax production requirements.

Krautz Temax manufacturing laser cutting machine CNC automation process

Krautz Temax Produktion Herstellung Laser schneimachine CNC automatisierung

Krautz Temax production avec laser machine CNC automatisation

Krautz Temax productie laser snijmachine CNC automatisatie