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TemaxPharma+ pharmaceuticals Pharmazeutika Farmaceutica Pharmaceutique

Due to requests from our global pharmaceutical customers, the company Krautz-Temax is developing a special division within the organization with special focus on cold chain solutions for pharmaceuticals, healthcare & life science products. Pharmaceuticals and healthcare products require extra attention due to possible health risks in which temperature deviations in the cold chain can have significant influences on the product quality. With our new "TemaxPharma+" formula we aim to provide that extra attention.

Airfreight pharmaceuticals - thermal blankets - temperature protection

We offer dedicated documentation for G.D.P. "Good Distribution Practice" purposes for the usage of thermal blankets in the airfreight of time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. Our manufacturing processes and quality management systems are documented in our Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures".

Temax temperature test ambient pharmaceuticals airfreight TARMAC

Temperature tests - product qualification of thermal blankets

  • Application: ambient pharmaceuticals High + Medium + Low risk (+2°C to +30°C) and (+15°C to +25°C)
  • Airfreight TARMAC temperature protection in winter and summer profiles.
  • Temperature test performance with load mass according EN-12546-2
  • Temperature test performance with stress test 8% load mass
  • Stress test on solar power + greenhouse effects
  • Booklet 21 pages available in PDF file. Please send us a short email

Krautz Temax TRM plan boek - Buch - Book - Livre

T.R.M.-plan "Temperature Risk Management"

  • The Temax T.R.M.-plan contains the written instructions and guidelines on handling Temax thermal blankets and functions as documentation to the G.D.P. "Good Distribution Practice" guidelines according (WHO and EU).
  • S.O.P's + protocols + T.R.P.'s + T.M.P.L's, T.M.P's + QA + validation + Supply chain + recycling, etc
  • Booklet 52 pages. Available on request
  • Published guidelines ISBN-9789048439560

Temax CCRM Cold Chain Risk Management

C.C.R.M. "Cold Chain Risk Management" as product quality risk assessment

  • The Temax C.C.R.M. is a thermal engineering which is performed on the total cold chain (shipment) with the goal to detect and visualize possible temperature risks (excursions) during the transport which could impact the quality of the product. The C.C.R.M. is as a product risk assessment before shipment and offers the possibility to pre-communicate attention points and actions in the field.
  • Example engineering booklet 10 pages available in PDF file. Please send us a short email.

Krautz TEMAX temperature test rapport for product qualification and validation

Customer dedicated product qualification and validation

  • The company Krautz-Temax is equipped with a test laboratory and temperature controlled climate chambers in which dedicated temperature tests can be performed for customer specific product qualification or validation. The generated results are transformed in a product qualification rapport. Our team of specialists will assist the teams of the customer to generate the required documentation.
  • Example product qualification booklet 12 pages available in PDF file. Please send us a short email.

Temax certificate Thermal blankets

Temax training: Usage of thermal blankets in airfreight

  • Training scope: Usage of single use Temax® thermal blankets in the airfreight of time-temperature sensitive products, without the use of thermal energy generators.
  • This day-training contains a theoretical and practical course (S.O.P’s “Standard Operation Procedures” + protocols) and is available for management as well as wrapping field personnel. All participants will be certified and registered in the Temax® training database.
  • Database registration: Person + Company (and location) + Date (valid).

User locations - Temax thermal blankets

The Temax thermal blankets are approved and validated by the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers. The dots below show the locations where Temax thermal blankets are used for the airfreight shipment of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. These locations are 3PL providers and freight forwarding companies that have experience with using Temax thermal blankets. New locations are started frequently.

DHL global forwarding





Nippon Express

Cargo partner



TEMAX global users thermal blankets

Road transport pharmaceuticals - trailer temperature control

Temax demo trailer Triple cooler

ROAD FREIGHT time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
Temax Triple cooler system = automated air guiding system for temperature stabilization

  • A unique by Krautz-Temax developed air-guiding system which functions fully automated and controls the temperature (blow-suck-air) on six locations in the trailer, creating perfect temperature stabilization, with temperature tracking + controlling during the transport + action movement detection (open doors + outer temperatures) + load temperature mapping, etc....
  • Continuous trailer mapping in standard temperature controlled transport.
  • Demo-trailer available for demonstrations. Please send us a short email.
  • SEE Movie in our online movie channel.