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TemaxPharma+ pharmaceuticals Pharmazeutika Farmaceutica Pharmaceutique

Due to requests from our global pharmaceutical customers, the company Krautz-Temax has developed a special division "Temax-Pharma+"within the organization with focus on cold chain solutions for pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, healthcare and life science products. Pharmaceutical products are time-temperature sensitive products (ambients - chilled) which experience quality deviations at temperature excursions which need to be avoided in order to protect and guarantee the health of the consumer. The Temax-Pharma+ division helps pharmaceutical companies and their partners to create a cost effective cold chain.

Our PHARMA Solutions
    A. Thermal blankets for airfreight of ambients Pharmaceuticals (+2°C to +30°C) and (+15°C to +25°C)
    B. Triple cooler automated cooling system for conditioned trailers
    C. Polystyrene boxes and pallet shippers for (+2°C to +8°C) and clinical trials
    D. Thermal blankets in sea freight for reefer temperature excursions
    E. Cold chain optimization / consultancy / temperature analysis / engineering

A. Pharmaceuticals Airfreight - thermal blankets - temperature protection

TEMAX thermal blankets are used as a passive cooling system in the airfreight of time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals / healthcare products / life science products and consumer goods. The goal of the Temax thermal blankets is to offer temperature protection during extreme hot and cold temperatures on the TARMAC on the airfield (loading unloading airplane) and during the total transport.

Thermal blankets and covers for airfreight

Thermal blankets
On rolls to cut
Euro-Block pallets

Krautz Temax thermohaube Isolierhaube Palette euro block PMC ULD frischwaren Ambients Pharmazeutika LebensmittelnThermal blankets
SET = Pre-cut 
Euro-Block pallets

Temax housse isotherme thermal blankets fret aérien ULD PMC Palette LD7 Produits PharmaceutiqueThermal blankets
On rolls 
PMC-ULD pallets

Cover DO-U
Adaptable heights 
Euro-Block pallets

Temax thermal cover bottomCover + bottom
Tailor made 
Euro-Block pallets

  • Very high temperature protection = HOT and COLD
  • Material thickness Temax-4000 = 3,5 cm (1,38 inches) + 4 integrated reflection systems
  • Unique thermal resistance techniques = same insulation performance as ca 10 cm thermal wool
  • extreme airfield TARMAC temperature protection + solar power + greenhouse extremes
  • Minimal impact on payload + waterproof + condense proof / product protection
  • Minimal impact on ecological footprint = unique material + production techniques + recycling formula
  • Worldwide validated by pharmaceutical manufacturers (+2°C to +30°C) and (+15°C to +25°C)

G.D.P. documentation for Temax thermal blankets
We offer dedicated documentation for G.D.P. "Good Distribution Practice" purposes for the usage of thermal blankets in the airfreight of time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. Our manufacturing processes and quality management systems are documented in our Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures".

Krautz TEMAX temperature test rapport for product qualification and validation

All documents are available in PDF format / on email request
  1. Temperature tests / Winter + Summer / 8% + EN-12546-2 / Solar + greenhouse / Ambients Pharma
  2. T.R.M.-Plan / S.O.P.'s / Validation / Protocols / usage / ISBN publication
  3. C.C.R.M. = Cold Chain Risk Management / Thermal risk pre-engineering
  4. Validation / Product Qualifications / Test chambers / Consultancy
  5. Certification / Training / Implementation set-up / Consultancy
  6. Project Management Documents with DATES on certification / protocols / training / audits

TEMAX worldwide locations
The red dots show the TEMAX warehouse and manufacturing (Europe and USA)
The green dots in the world map show the TEMAX user locations of 3PL and freight forwarders.

TEMAX global users thermal blankets

DHL global forwarding





Nippon Express

Cargo partner


B. Pharmaceuticals - Road transport - trailer temperature control

TRIPLE COOLER for conditioned trailers
When time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals are transported by road transport, temperature controlled trailers are used with cooler engines to ensure the correct temperature of the products during the transport. Yet, experience shows that the temperature is never optimal in all locations of the trailer leading to temperature excursions.

Temax demo trailer Triple cooler

To offer a solution to this problem, Krautz-Temax developed a unique full automated temperature controlling system for trailers called TRIPLE COOLER to create the perfect temperature in the complete trailer = front and middle and back.
>> NEW DEMO-TRAILER in development

Temax Triple cooler system = automated air guiding system for temperature stabilization

  • The Triple Cooler MONITORS + ACTS directly on each possible temperature excursion !!!
  • Fully automated temperature controlling and air-guiding (front - middle - back) of the trailer
  • Automated valve systems built-in in the roof of the trailer (patented system)
  • Acts on open-door positions during loading and unloading with specific air guidance
  • Continuous trailer mapping with integrated data-loggers + temperature reports
  • Temperature monitoring and air-guidance in trailer controlled from Temax control tower
  • Multiple load configurations possible / separated customer products + temperature control
  • For used (second hand) and new conditioned trailers / no electronic connection to cooler engine required

C. Pharmaceuticals - Polystyrene Boxes - Pallet shippers

Chilled Pharmaceuticals (+2°C to +8°C) and Clinical Trials
Krautz-Temax has started the development and manufacturing of unique Polystyrene boxes and pallet shippers with unique sealing techniques and cooling systems for the transport of critical chilled pharmaceuticals (+2°C to +8°C). The Polystyrene boxes and pallet shippers will be used for high value pharmaceuticals / healthcare products / consumer goods and clinical trials.

See pictures and movies at next update.

D. Pharmaceuticals - Thermal blankets - sea freight reefers