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1. TEMAX - BIO = Bio-based thermal blankets

STOP GLOBAL WARMING - Use Temax BIO-Based thermal blankets = CO2 REDUCTION

NEW : The company Krautz-Temax started with the manufacturing of unique BIO-BASED thermal blankets. Until now the Temax thermal blankets were produced out of oil-based Polyethylene. The newest version of Temax thermal blankets are manufactured out of BIO-BASED Polyethylene which reduces the extra creation of CO2 in the environment. Due to the BIO-BASED Polyethylene we offer our helping hand in the reduction of global warming due to CO2 exposures.


The first in the world
BIO-BASED Thermal blankets and Covers
made from plants

TEMAX-BIO are BIO Based thermal blankets for the temperature protection of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in airfreight

Temax Thermal blanket BIO based B
Certificate nr. 8C144
Temax-Bio Patented System

We as a leading company in thermal packaging see it as our obligation and responsibility to offer BIO-BASED solutions in order to help our delicate world-nature. To offer these BIO solutions we have invested heavily in unique BIO development and manufacturing.

We hope that our BIO-solutions will convince customers and product users to follow our BIO philosophy. Together we can help our fragile world-nature.

TEMAX-4000-BIO - Qualification

The "Temax-4000-BIO" is the first version of our thermal blankets which we have developed in a BIO-BASED composition. This Temax-4000-BIO is the direct BIO alternative for our standard "Temax-4000". This BIO version has the same set-up, composition and thermal performance as the standard (OIL based) version and is subject to the same user protocols. Due to the same characteristics it becomes very easy to change to the Temax-4000-BIO version without any changes on temperature or user performance or qualifications.

Temax BIO - Supply Chain - Ecological Footprint

Temax recycling code low density Polyethylene

Manufacturing + Recycling + re-manufacturing with recycled compounds
= Minimal ecological footprint
Next to BIO manufacturing, the company TEMAX also offers a complete BIO-BASED supply chain management. The BIO thermal blankets are a single use application in which they are uniquely developed in order to be 100% recyclable after usage. This is unique due to the non-laminated compositions. Next we have invested in special recycle machines to offer a FULL recycling of the BIO thermal blankets.

And our BIO solution goes even further !!
We have developed a unique RE-USE technique due to the special non-laminated composition of the BIO thermal blankets which makes it possible for us to actually RE-USE the original BIO Polyethylene granulates. This RE-USE creates a big reduction on the ecological footprint. (we manufacture, we recycle, we re-use recycled materials => and this ALL BIO)

In short, we offer our customers a BIO based product, a BIO based supply chain, a BIO based recycling, and a reduction on the ecological footprint. In short: We THINK GREEN and offer solutions so you can THINK GREEN with us.


This movie shows the complete life-cycle of the Temax thermal blankets from manufacturing to usage to recycling to complete re-use of the recycled RAW materials.

1. RAW materials (BIO or standard)
2. Manufacturing thermal blankets
3. Usage of the thermal blankets
4. Dismantling of the thermal blankets
5. Recycling the used foils
6. RE-USE of recycled RAW materials

What is Temax BIO ?

The company Krautz TEMAX is investing heavily in its devotion to develop and manufacture nature friendly and BIO-BASED thermal packaging solutions in which two major product ranges or manufacturing principles are used.

A. TEMAX - BIO = Bio Polyethylene foil => NO GLOBAL WARMING

TEMAX global warming BIO packagingTemax has invested in special machines and compounds to manufacture BIO Polyethylene insulation foils which are used as basic material in the Temax thermal blankets transferring them in BIO thermal blankets. Standard Polyethylene materials are OIL based which generate extra CO2 in the atmosphere creating GLOBAL WARMING. This is prevented by the plant based BIO Polyethylene as produced by Temax. Due to the plant based Polyethylene, the generated CO2 is recent and does NOT increase the CO2 volume in the atmosphere. The plant based BIO Polyethylene, as produced by Temax is therefore nature friendly in regards to the GLOBAL WARMING of the earth.


Temax has invested in special machines and compounds to manufacture BIO DEGRADABLE insulation materials (EPS Expanded Polystyrene) which are used in thermal boxes insulated and insulated pallets shippers. The BIO degradable insulation materials, as produced by Temax, are 100% Bio degradable by nature in which the degradation is activated automatically by long-time (ca two years) exposure in nature or by extra compost BIO-waste-handling systems. The Bio degradation is performed by fungus and bacteria in nature which eat the BIO insulation material leaving only water and bio material as waste material. This means that the BIO degradable insulation materials, as produced by Temax, are completely NATURE FRIENDLY and totally HARMLESS to LIFE.

2. BIO-Based P.C.M.'s "Phase Change Materials"

The company Temax started a new development with a Dutch manufacturer on producing special BIO BASED P.C.M.s "Phase Change Materials". The PCM's will be produced in the Temax manufacturing plant and will define different temperature ranges for the transport of time-temperature sensitive products such as Pharmaceuticals (2-8°C) and (15-25°C).

3. Solar power energy at our manufacturing facility

In our different production plants we use green energy. To create this, we have invested in the placement of solar panels on the roof of our production plant so the sun is providing us the required energy to produce our products meaning that we do not use any electricity from the net. In fact, we have placed so many solar panels that we are producing more electrical energy than is needed for the actual production resulting in a transfer to the general electrical network.

4. Temax transport system with 120m³ trailers = 20% CO2 saving

In order to reduce CO2 production during the transport of the voluminous Temax insulation materials, Krautz-Temax has invested in six special maximal load transport trucks and trailers in which the standard transport volume of 85m³ (standard semi trailer in Europe) is increased to 120m³.

This means that each five transports, one transport is eliminated saving 20% on standard CO2 production and road traffic.

Nitatrans TEMAX trucks

More green topics at next update