Temax ecological footprint

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We think green! In our manufacturing processes and our products

Temax ecological footprint

Green philosophy manufacturing

Solar power energy manufacturing facility
In our different production plants we use green energy. To create this, we have invested in the placement of solar panels on the roof of our production plant so the sun is providing us the required energy to produce our products meaning that we do not use any electricity from the net. In fact, we have placed so many solar panels that we are producing more electrical energy than is needed for the actual production resulting in a transfer to the general electrical network

(0%) waste production on the Temax production
All the Temax sub-materials such as the special designed insulation foils are produced in the Krautz-Temax production plant. During the production of the Temax material we have implemented a (0%) waste management. To create this we have invested in several waste processing machines that directly recycle the rest-productions of the materials during the making of the Temax insulation material. This results in a (100%) usage of the basic material components

(100%) recycling of rejected Temax materials by our quality control
At the Temax insulation production we maintain a special quality management and controlling. This also means that it can happen that some productions are rejected by our quality control and cannot be used for commercial applications. When this appears the produced material is (100%) recycled in our production plant by our recycling machines to create new basic material components to start over the production of new Temax insulation material.

Green philosophy products

Recycling of Temax insulation material
The Temax insulation material is build-up by two mayor components being:
- Polyethylene foils
- Polyester foils with metalized coating
Important for the recycling process is that all the layers, that are combined to create the Temax insulation material, are not laminated to each other. This means that the Temax insulation material consist out of loose layers which are kept together with special techniques. Seeing the layers are loose and not laminated, the Temax insulation material is easy to recycle seeing the different foils can easily be separated from each other meaning that each different material can be directed separately to the required material recycling flow.Next, the Temax insulation foils are air based. This means that the insulation material can be pressed to a small package reducing the transport volume to the recycling plant. Seeing the usage volume is much higher than the waste volume, the waste management has a significant lower impact on the ecological footprint.

Temax recycling code low density Polyethylene
Temax recycling code
Low Density Polyethylene

Temax recycling code metalized polyester foil
Temax recycling code
Metalized Polyester Foils

Your used Temax insulation material recycled at our production plant = GDP pharma
In point (1) we have mentioned the recycling machines which we have implemented in our production process. This implementation offers us the possibility to offer our customers a recycling opportunity. Together with the customers we can organize a recycling management system which means that our customers can return us the used insulation materials after usage so we can recycle the material to be used again to produce new basic materials.
See published TRM-plan "Temperature Risk Management" thermal blankets guidelines