EPS – Expanded Polystyrene manufacturing for building and packaging insulation

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Temax EPS Polystyrene insulated thermal box

The company Krautz-TEMAX has recently started with the manufacturing of EPS Expanded Polystyrene insulation material. The production was implemented in the Krautz-Temax manufacturing plant in Bosnia and will produce tailor made EPS Polystyrene solutions for the building and packaging industry.

All the EPS products such as thermal boxes, insulation plates for buildings etc... will be tailor made according to density, models, dimensions etc... Are you looking for EPS insulation material, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you.

What is EPS Expanded Polystyrene

EPS or Expanded Polystyrene is known as a white light weight material in which small white air-filled balls are pressed together to a plate which makes a terrible and irritating noise when rubbed over each-other. That is how we all know EPS. From a more chemical prospective, Polystyrene has the formula (C8H8)n, yet this will not really help you or me. Our main concern is the thermal value seeing we will use it for temperature protection in buildings or in thermal packaging.

Thermal value of EPS

The thermal value of EPS is depending on the density (standard between 11 to 35kg/m³) which can be tailor made in the Krautz-Temax EPS manufacturing. The thermal conductivity is measured according to EN12667 in which the standard value ranges around 0,035W/m.K. Seeing that Krautz-Temax can produce EPS tailor made, we can offer you the specific insulation value that you need. You can find the different thermal EPS characteristics per product type in our product overview (PDF file available on request)

TEMAX EPS Polystyrene production manufacturing 03

TEMAX EPS Polystyrene production manufacturing 02

What do we produce in EPS?

Building Industry

  • Tailor made EPS insulation panels for building constructions
  • Tailor made EPS fire retartant insulation panels for building constructions

Transport and logistics
Thermal solutions for the transport and logistics of time-temperature sensitive products - pharmaceuticals - healthcare products and food products

  • Tailor made EPS thermal packaging boxes for temperature protection
  • Tailor made EPS thermal packaging boxes for clinical trials
  • Tailor made EPS thermal Pallet shippers and pallet boxes for temperature protection


TEMAX EPS Polystyrene production 05

TEMAX EPS Polystyrene production 04

TEMAX EPS Polystyrene production 06

We are currently developing a new range of EPS products which we will publish on our website in the next weeks. We can also inform you that we have started the production of XPS Polystyrene. (see next update)

More information on next update

EPS Products
- EPS Pallet Shipper
- EPS folding box
- EPS Transport boxes