EPS Polystyrene thermal insulated boxes for temperature protection – fresh – frozen – ambients

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Usage of EPS Polystyrene thermal boxes

EPS Polystyrene insulated boxes are used for the temperature protection of time-temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals or food products during transport or storage. The EPS thermal insulated boxes are manufactured out of Polystyrene, called EPS, which is a light weight insulation material. The EPS thermal boxes offer protection against hot or cold temperatures in which the thermal performance is depending on the temperature situations, conditions and thermal energy exchange.

Temax EPS thermal box with integrated air-flow-channels

The company Krautz Temax has invested in special machines to produce EPS Polystyrene thermal boxes. Unique on the Temax thermal EPS boxes is the integrated air-flow-channel-system which creates more optimal temperatures inside the thermal box. The integrated air-channels make it possible for internal air to flow up and down in the box creating better temperature stability seeing the internal airflow is never blocked by products. This will avoid possible hot-spots or cold-spots.

BIO based EPS Polystyrene

The company Krautz-Temax has the possibility to manufacture BIO based EPS for producing BIO-degradable EPS pallet shippers and boxes.

User instructions - Protocol pictures

The pictures below show the set-up and usage of the Temax thermal box. The EPS box in the pictures is equipped with special spaces for cardboard boxes filled with gel packs or PCM "Phase Change Materials".

Temax EPS Polystyrene insulated thermal box
EPS box + cardboard box + gel packs

Temax EPS Polystyrene box for hot cold temperature protection
Gel pack or PCM on bottom of Box

Temax EPS Polystyreen doos voor transport en opslag
Protection plate on bottom

Temax EPS polystyreen dozen voor transport en opslag koel vers diepvries
Placing side panels for gelpacks / PCM

Temax Polystyreen dozen voor geneesmiddelen en voeding koel vers diepvries ambient
Side panels for gelpacks / PCM

Temax EPS Styropor box für transport Lagerung Frische Tiefkühl
Placing gelpacks / PCM in side panels

Temax EPS Styropor Boxen für Transport und Lagerung
Gelpacks / PCM front and back

Temax Emballage EPS box isolée
Placing products + top protection lid

Temax gelpacks PCM for cold and hot temperature protection
Placing top gelpack / PCM

Temax EPS geïsoleerde dozen en boxen voor koel vers diepvries
Placing top lid

Temax EPS ploystyreen dozen doos voor transport en opslag
Place EPS box in cardboard box

EPS doos en karton doos voor temperatuurbescherming
Close the cardboard box

Temax isolierte kartons für kalte wärme Frische Tiefkühl
READY for transport


Integrated air-channel-technique for optimal temperature preservation

- Patented System -

Temperature tests

The Temax EPS Polystyrene thermal boxes are being tested and qualified according to the Temax temperature performance tests. All test results and qualification reports are available on request.
Test results available on next update

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