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Krautz - Temax is developer and manufacturer of passive and active cooling systems for cold chain logistics and transport of time temperature sensitive products such as food products, pharmaceuticals and healthcare & life science products, chemicals. All our products are tailor made according to the required insulation quality, model, usages, handling, etc... In our product development we aim for three goals being an optimal temperature preservation, easy handling and easy implementation in the existing logistic process.

All products are tailor made. Dimensions / Insulation / Colors / Etc...
Our products are CE certified / ISO-9001 / Documented quality system in Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures"
Pharmaceuticals / Food / Chemicals

Insulation material

TEMAX multilayer insulation material thermal blanket

TEMAX insulation
REMAX insulation
Polystyrene material

thermal cover
PMC-ULD pallets

Temax airfreight PMC ULD insulated thermal blankets covers, luftfracht isolierhaube, luchtvracht thermohoes, fret aérien housse isotherme

Thermal Blankets PMC-ULD
PMC - ULD insulation system

Sea ocean freight
Sea container

Temax Remax LINER for sea containers, isolation seecontainer, fret maritime, zeevracht isolatie zeecontainer

Sea container LINERS

Thermal covers
Pallets - Single use

Temax thermal cover covers Thermohauben Isolierhauben Thermohoezen Isolatiehoezen Housse isotherme

Protocol COVERS
Protocol COVERS-DO-U

Thermal blankets
Pallet insulation

Temax multilayer thermal blankets covers  pallets

Protocol CROSS

Automated fold-cover
Roll containers

Temax bi-fold automated thermal cover supermarket, isolierhaube Supermarkt, thermohoes

Cover BI-FOLD container

Storage systems
for thermal covers

Temax storage thermal covers, lagerung thermoschutzhauben, opslag isolatiehoezen, stockage housse isolation

Cover storage systems

Thermal roll container

Temax insulated thermal roll container, thermobehaelter, thermocontainer

Mobi-Box thermal container

Roll container
Two temperatures

Temax BI-temp roll container two temperatures, zwei temperaturen rollbehaelter, twee temperaturen rollcontainer

Bi-temp thermal container

Thermal covers
Barrels - IBC containers

Temax thermal cover IBC container, Isolierhaube IBC Behaelter, Isolatiehoes IBC conteneur

Cover IBC container
Cover barrels

Temperature control
Conditioned trailers

Krautz TEMAX Triple Cooler trailer, Kuhlauflieger, koeltrailer, remorque refrigerique

Triple Cooler airguiding

Strip door curtains
Conditioned trailers

Krautz Temax strip door curtains, streifenvorhaenge LKW, strokengordijn vrachtwagen koelwagen

Strip door curtains

Maxi Coolshopper
Shopping cooler bag

Temax shopping cart cooler bag, einkaufswagen kuehltasche, winkelwagen koeltas

Cooler bag shopping cart

Covers freezers

Temax night cover commercial freezer, nachtabdeckung tiefkuehlinsel, nachtafdekking diepvrieseiland

Cover commercial freezers

Gelpacks - Icepacks

Temax gelpacks icepacks, kuehlelemente, koelelementen

Gelpacks - Icepacks

Building insulation

Temax building insulation, Wonung Isoliermaterial, woningisolatie

Building insulation

More products and developments at next update.

Our products are registered in patents / model protection / ISBN publications