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Usage of EPS Styrofoam thermal boxes

EPS Styrofoam insulated boxes are used for the temperature protection of time-temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals or food products during transport or storage. The EPS thermal insulated boxes are manufactured out of Polystyrene or Styrofoam, called EPS, which is a light weight insulation material. The EPS thermal boxes offer protection against hot or cold temperatures in which the thermal performance is depending on the temperature situations, conditions and thermal energy exchange.

Temax EPS styrofoam box with folding system

The company Krautz Temax has invested in special machines to produce EPS Styrofoam. Unique on the Temax foldable box is the special folding system which is a big space and storage saver. The foldable box is stored in a complete flat composition and is contructed to a box shape when it is used. This makes it very easy and pratcical in use. The pictures below show the usage of the folding box.

Tailor made solutions

Unique on the foldable EPS styrofoam box is that it can be tailor made according to all kind of box dimensions, thickness and sizes. This makes it possible to offer fast solutions to fast changing requirements.

BIO based EPS Polystyrene

The company Krautz-Temax has the possibility to manufacture BIO based EPS for producing BIO-degradable EPS pallet shippers and boxes.

User instructions - Protocol pictures

The pictures below show the set-up and usage of the foldable thermal box.

EPS Styrofoam thermal box - foldable flat storage - tailor made
1. Flat unfolded EPS box - Storage

TEMAX EPS styrofoam box for fresh frozen products
2. Flat plate integrated side-channels

 Temax EPS Polystyrene Styrofoam boxes for transport fresh frozen food and medicines
3. EPS side panel with reflection

Temax EPS Styrofoam insulated thermal boxes box
4. Side panel in channel of plate + press

 EPS Styrofoam foldable insulated box
5. Side panel pressed in side channel

EPS vouwbare geïsoleerde Piepschuim dozen voor vers diepvries
6. Second side panel in side channel

 Temax EPS Polystyrol Styropor Boxen box für Frische und Tiefkühl
7. Side panel pressed in side channel

Temax faltbare EPS Styropor boxen für minimale Lagerplatz
8. Lift top panel upwards

 Temax Styropor box für Frischwaren Tiefkühlwaren im Transport
9. Front panel pressed in side channels

TEMAX vouwbare EPS piepschuim dozen doos opvouwbaar voor minimale opslag en stockage ruimte
10. Tilt the box to the other side

 Temax faltbare EPS Styropor box für minimale Lagerung platz ersparung
11. Tilt + press sides in side channels

Temax EPS polystyreen piepschuim dozen voor transport en opslag
12. Side panels pressed in side channels

 Temax Styrofoam cardboard transport box
13. Tilt side panel

Temax EPS Piepschuim Polystyreen doos box voor transport koel vers diepvries
14. press side panel in side channels

 Temax Styropor EPS Polystyrene Karton Box Behälter
15. Open top lid panels

Temax producten ladern in Polystyreen piepschuim doos voor transport en opslag
16. Loading products + gel packs PCM

 Temax piepschuim doos levensmiddelen koel vers of medicijnen
17. Close top lid + remove tape sealing

Temax carton boîte Polystyrene
18. Close top lid 2 + seal on lid 1

 Temas piepschuim reflecterende doos voor transport van medicijnen en farmaceutica
19. Closed box - thermally sealed

Temax piepschuim doos in karton doos
20. Thermal EPS box in cardboard box

Temperature tests

The Temax EPS Styrofoam thermal boxes are being tested and qualified according to the Temax temperature performance tests. All test results and qualification reports are available on request.
Test results available on next update

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