COOLFLEX-V insulated thermal partition wall for conditioned trailers

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Usage of insulated thermal partition walls in refrigerated trucks and trailers
Insulated or thermal partition walls are walls which are implemented with an insulation material to be used in conditioned or refrigerated trailers or trucks to divide the total temperature controlled environment in the trailer or truck into compartments so different temperatures can be created in the trailer. Thermal partition walls are also used to decrease the cooling volume of the truck or trailer. If the trailer is only filled with goods for 50% it is unnecessary to cool down the total trailer. Therefore a partition wall can be used to create a barrier behind the 50% loaded goods so the trailer is only cooled for 50% resulting in huge energy savings.

Coolfex-V Flexible thermal partition wall with cargo-bars (Vertical)
The coolflex „V“ partition wall is a flexible insulation curtain which is mounted into the trailer with Velcro straps unto cargo bars (with rubber ends). One bar is mounted vertically at the left side of the trailer, one at the right side and one in the middle. The insulated curtain is held-up by three PVC caps which are mounted at the top of the curtain. Between these caps the curtain is foreseen with synthetic plates to keep the curtain against the roof of the trailer. To keep the curtain positioned against the trailer wall, the curtain is foreseen with Velcro straps which are pulled over the cargo bars. The curtain is made 10cm bigger on each side. This 10cm strip is to be folded towards the cooler unit. As soon as the unit is turned-on, the airflow will push the curtain against the wall of the trailer.

How-to-use instructions
The set-up of the coolflex "V" partition wall is very easy and requires three cargo bars. The bars are simply placed in pre-produced holders on the partition wall and placed straight upwards. The bars are fixed on the wanted location so the wall is stretching over the width of the truck / trailer.

Krautz Temax insulated thermal partition wall for trailers refrigerated conditioned fresh chilled frozen ambient

Krautz Temax flexibele Isolierte Trennwand für Kühlfahrzeuge Sattelauflieger Frische Kühl Tiefkühl

Krautz Temax paroi isotherme thermique flexible pour semi remorque conditionée frais surgéles congéles

Krautz Temax geïsoleerde flexibele scheidingswand voor vrachtwagens opleggers koelwagens diepries ambient

Unique closure with trailer wall
The coolflex "V" insulated partition wall for conditioned trailers is produced bigger then the inner size of the trailer. Each side is ca 10cm bigger so a kind of flap is formed on the sides. These flaps are folded to the front of the trailer. As soon as the cooler engine is started, the wind will blow against these flaps and press them against the walls of the trailer so a perfect closure is formed.

Flexible and foldable
The coolflex "V" insulated partition wall for conditioned trailers is produced out of flexible materials which makes the partition wall foldable. The wall can easily be folded to a small package for storage.

High insulation quality
The coolflex "V" insulated partition wall for conditioned trailers is produced out of a high insulated material to provide a perfect insulator to partition different temperatures in trailers so frozen and chilled or unconditioned food products can be transported in one trailer.

Folding door for loading and unloading
The coolflex "V" functions as a folding door to load or unload the cargo with a minimal of temperature losses. By opening just one cargo bar, half of the partition wall can be opened so the complete wall does not need to be dismounted to reach the front chamber of the trailer.

Krautz Temax coolflex-V fleksibelen Isolierten Trennwand Kühlauflieger Tiefkühl LKW

Krautz Temax Coolflex-V paroi isotherme isolant pour transport frais congéles surgéles

Krautz Temax geïsoleerde thermische scheidingswand voor transport vers koel diepvries ambient

Insulation qualities

Temax-4000 Temax-2000 Temax-1000 Temax-500 insulation quality