TRIPLE COOLER automated air guiding system for temperature stabilization in conditioned trailers

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Description Triple Cooler automated air-guiding system
The Triple Cooler is developed and produced by Krautz-Temax and functions as an automated air guidance system for refrigerated trailers.

Its purpose is to stabilize temperatures in the trailer preventing hot spots and too hot areas in the back or too cold areas in the front as seen in most transport situations. This therefore means that the Triple Cooler is a unique system that actually creates a stable temperature in the complete trailer, front and back. If you need for example (+2°C) in the trailer, the automated air-guidance technology of the Triple Cooler will make sure that this temperature is created in the complete trailer. Front, middle and back.

Next to temperature stability, the Triple Cooler also offers to opportunity to re-configurate your standard trailer into a multi-temp trailer where different temperature controlled temperatures can be created. This in combination with the required partition walls to create the locations. Next the automated technology of the Triple Cooler will control the temperature in each location or aria.

Technical specifications
The Triple cooler is a tunnel system made out of strong polyester composite material. This tunnel system is mounted against the roof of the trailer. In this tunnel device several valves are fitted which are electronically controlled by a computer. Next, two partition walls, which can be moved from the front to the back in the trailer, divide the trailer in different compartments. Each compartment contains a temperature sensor which is also connected to the controlling unit. Before or after you start loading the trailer, the desired temperature of each compartment, limited to a minimum and a  maximum  value,  is programmed in to the controlling unit.

Krautz Temax Triple cooler

Next the cooler engine is started and set on the lowest temperature that is required during transport. As soon as started, the temperature is constantly measured in all the compartments. If the temperature  rises over the limit, the valves open automatically so cold air can stream into the  compartment. Is the temperature OK, the valves are closed again. As soon as all the compartments have reached the programmed temperature, all the valves will close and the cooler engine of the trailer returns to a low range regime. This remains so, until one of the compartments needs to be cooled again, in which case the valves of the particular compartment, are opened and the cooler engine turns back on. This cycle is repeated until the transport stops.

An air circulation in each separate chamber
The big advantage of this system is that the air stream is separately circulated in each chamber. This means that every chamber has a separate sucking and blowing channel both controlled with electronic valves. Each compartment or chamber is therefore a stand alone temperature zone which creates a perfect temperature controlled environment. An extra advantage is the air streams at the top op the goods which creates a very fast drop of the temperature.

Triple cooler trailerStandard airflow trailer

Krautz Temax Triple cooler trailer Auflieger Fahrzeug LKWAirflow with Triple Cooler system

Blue tooth & PDA controlling
The Triple Cooler is being programmed and temperature monitored by a PDA device. Through a simple touch screen system al the needed info is programmed. As soon as the driver starts the system, all temperatures are shown on the PDA device. Another big advantage of the PDA system is that the driver can follow the temperature in the trailer in real time meaning that he/she can adapt the temperatures where needed. All software and electronic parts are developed by Krautz-Temax.

Krautz Temax triple cooler automated cooling system refrigerated trailer

Krautz Temax Triple Cooler Kühlsystem Kühlfahrzeug Kühlauflieger