COOLFLEX-H flexible thermal partition wall with 2 cargo bars

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Coolflex-H flexible partition wall with cargo bars (Horizontal)
The coolflex „H“ thermo partition wall is a flexible thermo curtain which is mounted into the trailer with Velcro straps unto cargo bars (with rubber ends). One bar is mounted at the top of the trailer and one bar is mounted at the bottom. The insulated curtain has 5 Velcro straps at the top and bottom which are fitted over the bars so the curtain stays in position.

Unique sealing with trailer wall
The coolflex "H" insulated partition wall for conditioned trailers is produced bigger then the inner size of the trailer. Each side is ca 10cm bigger so a kind of flap is formed on the sides. These flaps are folded to the front of the trailer. As soon as the cooler engine is started, the wind will blow against these flaps and press them against the walls of the trailer so a perfect closure is formed.

Easy and fast to build-up
The set-up of the coolflex "H" partition wall is very easy and requires two cargo bars. The bars are simply fixed between the trailer walls (top and bottom) on which the Coolflex-H partition wall is hung-up with velcro closures.

Krqutw Te;

Krautz Temax Coolflex-H insulated thermal partition wall for chilled fresh refrigerated transport frozen ambient

Krautz Temax paroi isotherme thermique isolante pour transport frigorifique frais congéles surgéles

Krautz Temax geïsoleerde scheidingswand voor koeltransport vriestransport gekoelde vrachtwagens opleggers

Flexible and foldable
The coolflex "H" insulated partition wall for conditioned trailers is produced out of flexible materials which makes the partition wall foldable. The wall can easily be folded to a small package for storage.

High insulation quality
The coolflex "H" insulated partition wall for conditioned trailers is produced out of a high insulated material to provide a perfect insulator to partition different temperatures in trailers so frozen and chilled or unconditioned food products can be transported in one trailer.

Folding the wall against the roof for loading and unloading
The coolflex has a very light weight an can easily be fitted in the trailer. It also folds open to load or unload the goods. The cargo-bars are used to keep the wall on the wanted location.

Krautz Temax Trennwand für Fahrzeuge LKW Kühltransport Kühlfahrzeuge

Krautz Temax hochklapbaren trennwand Fahrzeuge - Foldable partition wall trailer - Vouwbare scheidingswand oplegger trailer

Krautz Temax paroi cloisson isotherme thermique transport conditionée frigorifique

Insulation qualities

Temax-4000 Temax-2000 Temax-1000 Temax-500 insulation quality