DISTRI-WALL movable thermal partition wall for refrigerated trailers

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Distri-wall movable insulated and flexible thermal partition wall
The Distriwall is an insulated partition wall which is a combination of an insulated curtain and a movable frame. The Distriwall is made out of a powdered coated metal frame or out of stainless steel tubes. The frame has been constructed with a 4 wheel suspension which are guided in rails mounted against the trailers roof. This 4-wheels special construction guarantees a smooth movement of the partition wall from the front to back of the trailer. The partition wall is constructed with a special breaking system that makes it possible to position it where ever needed. The partition wall has a very light weight and is easily to move from front to back of the trailer. This makes the wall a pleasure to work with. Furthermore the insulated curtain can be exchanged in case of damage. This action takes only a few minutes. The system is also completely maintenance free. The wall can also be tilted against the roof for loading and unloading purposes as shown in the pictures below.

Moving the wall in the trailer
In order to move the partition wall from the front to the back in the trailer, you have to pull the breaking rope down so the breaks are being released. As long as this rope is being pulled, the breaks stay open which means that you can move the insulated partition wall from front to back in the refrigerated trailer. As soon as the rope is released the beaks automatically lock themselves into the breaking rail.

Unique closure with trailer wall
The distriwall insulated thermal partition wall for conditioned and refrigerated trailers is produced bigger then the inner size of the trailer. Each side is ca 10cm larger so a kind of flap is formed on the sides. These flaps are folded to the front of the trailer. As soon as the cooler engine is started, the wind will blow against these flaps pressing them against the walls of the trailer so a perfect closure is formed.

Krautz Temax distri-wall movable insulated thermal partition wall refrigerated trailers fresh chilled frozen ambient transport

Krautz Temax distr-wall verrijdbare geïsoleerde scheidingswand vrachtwagen koeltransport diepvries transport

Flexible and foldable
The distriwall insulated partition wall for conditioned trailers is produced out of flexible materials which makes the partition wall foldable. The wall can easily be folded to a small package for storage.

Tilting the wall against the roof of the trailer for loading and unloading
To load and unload the goods from the refrigerated trailer, the partition wall needs to be opened, which means that the wall is being attached against the roof of the trailer. To do so, the wall has been fitted with two chains and hooks. These chains are mounted in the break rail at the back of the trailer. The next step is to hang up the insulated curtain and hook it up. As soon as the drive frame is moved forwards the curtain will be stretched open against the roof. By releasing the rope, which was needed to move the wall forwards, the breaking system will be activated so the curtain stays in the open and stretched position. To close the curtain again, the drive frame needs to be pulled backwards towards the chains in order to release the tension. Next the curtain needs to be unchained so the wall folds back to the surface of the refrigerated trailer.

Krautz Temax verfahrbaren Isolierten Trennwand Kühlauflieger Kühlfahrzeug LKW

Krautz Temax insulated partition wall - geïsoleerde scheidingswand - poiroi isotherme - isolierte Trennwand

Insulation qualities

Temax-4000 Temax-2000 Temax-1000 Temax-500 insulation quality