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Why training & education on cold chain and heat transfer techniques

If you are manufacturing, transporting, storing, handling or commercializing time-temperature sensitive products such as food products, pharmaceutical products, chemical products etc..., you will certainly have experienced the difficulties in the preservation, monitoring and the general structured management of temperature flows. The flow of temperatures seems easy, yet most companies, big and small, struggle to find the ideal solution to maintain temperature of their products within certain limits to maintain and guarantee the quality of the product. It is therefore a worldwide known fact that temperature management through the total cold chain is a serious head-breaker with sometimes strange phenomenon’s and unusual or unexplainable temperature results / deviations. This is where we try to reach a helping hand in the battle in temperature preservation, cooling system techniques, monitoring and the temperature management in general, by offering specific training and education on cold chain.

Why Krautz-Temax training center

Krautz-Temax was grounded in the year 2000 and has cold chain specialists in its team with over twenty years of experience in the development and design of thermal heat resistance systems and cold chain logistics. Their expertise can be found the temperature preservation of time temperature sensitive products such as: food products, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, and chemical products where transport systems as airfreight, sea freight and road transport are used. We therefore see it as an added value to offer our experience to the in-company-specialists at our customers such as cold chain managers, logistics managers, QA/QC (Quality Assurance / Control) managers, validation managers, etc...

Temax Krautz Training center Belgium Europe

Temax certificate Thermal blankets

AIRFREIGHT time-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Temax training: Usage of thermal blankets in airfreight

  • Training scope: Usage of single use Temax® thermal blankets in the airfreight of time-temperature sensitive products, without the use of thermal energy generators.
  • This day-training contains a theoretical and practical course (S.O.P’s “Standard Operation Procedures” + protocols) and is available for management as well as wrapping field personnel. All participants will be certified and registered in the Temax® training database.
  • Database registration: Person + Company (and location) + Date (valid).

Krautz-Temax published book as red-line through the training

The cold chain experts of the company Krautz-Temax have written a unique book on cold chain (295 pages) which was published in the Netherlands (English language) in 2014 and offers inside information on heat transfer phenomenons, cold chain logistics in airfreight - sea freight - road transport - distribution - last mile transport, insulated and thermal packaging systems, active and passive cooling systems and techniques, HCCP's "Hazardous Critical Control Points" in the cold chain, temperature monitoring and general cold chain management. This book will be used as a manual or red-line through the total training session.

Krautz-Temax "Case studies Pharma Logistics" as Q&A session

Krautz Temax also functions as a consultancy organization on cold chain logistics where the specialists are challenged with problems and temperature phenomenons of our customers and prospects. Our engineers are challenged with all kind of temperature phenomenons visible in airfreight, sea freight, road transport, distribution and last mile transport systems with active and passive cooling techniques. Some of these strange temperature phenomenons and experiences of our customers are compiled in a unique case study publication on Pharma logistics (pharmaceutical products) which is send out to all partners and contacts active in the pharmaceutical industry. These case studies and phenomenons are used in the training sessions as a nice Q&A on actual practical situations and problem solving experienced by pharmaceutical manufacturers and 3PL providers.

Krautz-Temax "DEMO-Trailer" to support the training sessions

Krautz Temax is also developer and manufacturer of active cooling guiding systems, insulated partition trailer walls, passive cooling techniques, temperature trailer mapping and more for temperature controlled transport systems. With these techniques and knowledge monotemp bi-temp and multitemp solutions can be showed. Krautz-Temax has invested in a special refrigerated semi-trailer which is used as a demo-trailer to orginize demonstrations and a support device to simulate practical transport situations in a real time experience where some temperature phenomenons in road transport are explored, showed and explained. In the near future Krautz-Temax will also invest in other transport systems such as reefers and sea containers with passive cooling techniques, etc... to demonstrate and show the temperature phenomenons that appear in these transport systems